PSN Deals: Big Ubisoft Weekend PSN Sale (UK/EU)

Pure PlayStation:Another PSN deals post? Well we aren’t going to complain, not when it means top games for cheap prices… The latest deal for the UK and European PSN stores is all about Ubisoft and its library of PS4 titles.

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637d ago
1nsomniac636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

I'm waiting for, For Honor to drop to £30 digital although I'm worried by what I've heard that it's already lost it's player base.

Also because I'm now going digital only I'm missing out on Horizon; Zero Dawn because I refuse to pay over £40 for any game. So I'm just having to wait until it drops. Doesn't matter how good the game is.

Yi-Long636d ago

Disappointed Black Flag still hasn't gotten a complete release including all content.