Top 3 Arcade Games Without Good Home Ports (Top 3 Tuesday)

Michael Crisman writes: "Every developer crowed they were "bringing the arcade experience home" whenever a smash-hit arcade game received a console translation. Until the PS1 era, most of us took these boasts in stride because we knew in our hearts there was no way the games we loved in the arcade were going to look or sound the same when down-sized to an 8- or 16-bit system. We suffered the indignities of smaller sprites, lower audio fidelity, missing levels, and an understanding that the strategies we'd worked out on the big machines might not translate to home systems. But that's assuming the game we wanted ever came home in the first place -- for every home port that lived up to the hype, there are five that didn't, and ten which never got made. That's what MichaelB wants to discuss with this week's Top 3 Tuesday video, so I'm going to dig into it and start naming and claiming before some other punk with a video camera and awesome YouTube handle Bogarts all my picks."

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