Mass Effect Andromeda Dev Confirms Early Players Are Playing With Day One Patch; Rules Out Fixes

ThisGenGaming says "Unfortunately a developer working on Mass Effect Andromeda has confirmed that what you're seeing now is with the day one patch also. The dev has ruled out many fixes coming at launch too. Many feel that this could be cause many people to cancel their pre-order and buy when fixed or not buy the game whatsoever."

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bouzebbal272d ago (Edited 272d ago )


Anthotis272d ago


Foul SJWs have a lot to answer. They've slowly but surely turned a fantastic gaming franchise into a joke.

More to come as well if devs keep pandering to these bags of sick

morganfell272d ago

So I guess the full title is MESS DEFECT AnDRAMA

MRMagoo123271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

I said it looked like crap and played like crap in this article

and got disagreed to all of a sudden it's the "thing" to say 😂 wtf happened. Also where is starchild defender of mass effect to tell every one they are wrong in here ?

Summons75272d ago

Ouch, really not good. Maybe this time Bioware will learn that being all talk isn't smart. 4 disappointments in a row.

lxtrxi272d ago

This is all I needed to hear to know that I'm not buying the game at launch. Quality control is needed in gaming more.

yeahright2272d ago

Yeah, these patches are lovely to fix unforeseen issues with games, but now they're being used as a crutch. "it's fine if we ship it half broken, we'll just patch it later."

QuarkZ272d ago

Yeah, I can unfortunately say that I won't be buying this game. I was so looking forward to it, like many, and I really do hope that this time people won't fall for it and send a clear message to those gaming companies who have been abusing gamers for way too long.

tdogchristy90272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

I'm not up to date on bioware but the curiosity kills me.

What are the four disappointments? Thanks.

Summons75272d ago

Well you have Dragon Age 2 which was pure trash, then you have Mass Effect 3 which showed how much Bioware cares for their fans and was a disaster (not just the ending either), then we have Dragon Agre Inquisition which repeated all the lies and broken promises as ME3 and was also terrible (but people only said it was good because admittedly it is better than DA2 but not by much). Now we have this trainwreck of a game making 4 games.

yeahright2272d ago

Inquisition was a good game to me, but still falls under disappointment, as from all their talk, I was expecting a great game.

Pintheshadows272d ago

I actually quite liked some of ME3 Summons, it has its moments. Cerberus invading the citadel was probably a highlight. It just all collapsed into meaninglessness in the last 30 minutes.

dkp23272d ago

Dragon age inq couldnt even finish it was so trashy.

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yomfweeee272d ago

Boohoo. Mass Effect 3 and Inquisition were good games. Both winning multiple game of the year awards. Stop being a hater.

joab777272d ago

Both were very good! And I am sure this game will be good too. It's just sad that they didn't recognize from early previews that animations were gonna sink the ship and probably cost them some sales.

But 100 hr rpg? I am sure it is pretty good overall! Tough competition these days, sandwiched b/W Horizon and P5!

InTheLab272d ago

Goty from what sites? EA Times? Bioware Daily?

MAULxx272d ago

Both were disappointments to many, no matter the awards. It's not about hate.

yomfweeee272d ago

Both games 89 on Metacritic so don't act like only some no name sites thought it was good.

Who cares if some didn't like it. Some also don't like the new Zelda or HZD. Don't mean shit really.

showtimefolks272d ago

Dragon age inquisition was filled with fetch quests and that is the worst thing about it

annoyedgamer272d ago

Multiple GOTY awards at a convention hosted by EA.

XanderZane272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Yes, I actually liked Mass Effect 3 and DA: Inquisition. I'll agree that Dragon Age 2 wasn't great though. I wish Bioware would give us another KoToR 3 game. That was some of their best work. This new Mess Effect game needs to be delayed. I thought lot of gamers are going to cancel their preorders.

Cupofjoe271d ago

Itsok they bought them and theyll buy this to

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cleft5272d ago

The problem is that the characters look terrible in general. None of the characters are really sexy (I am including the men in that statement) and then you have these characters that have hair styles that would never fly. I get this is primarily a civilian ran operation, but why is the security guy hair that crazy. Why are so many people walking around with dyed hair like they are a "gamer girl" or something. It's weird and it doesn't fit. It reeks of listening to a bunch of SJW idiots tell you how to make a good character. Unsurprisingly real people hate it. It's a shame really, but the story seems to be really interesting so far.

jaycptza271d ago

if you need to jack off, then just watch porn. No need to get ME:A for that

OMGitzThatGuy272d ago

Yeah, they keep fuckin up. I had the game preordered until i found out the embargo ends the day before the game releases and amazon ships days in advance.

AngelicIceDiamond272d ago

What are the last 4 disappointment games from them again?

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guyjean272d ago

Yeah. Cancelled my pre-order. This game is going to be much more enjoyable after a few patches.

Critic4l_Strik3271d ago

and even better when it gets cheaper ;) !

Nightmar3Demom272d ago

Well that's...............Disap pointing.