With PlayStation Now And Play Anywhere, Do We Need Consoles Anymore?

Are things like PlayStation Now and Xbox Play Anywhere a big step towards eliminating consoles entirely?

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skydragoonityx313d ago

Consoles are not going anywhere anytime soon.

XanderZane313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Still have to wait for the Scorpio and PS5, so yeah. Consoles aren't going anywhere anytime soon. I'm not playing any console games on a PC. I will play them on the systems they were designed to be played on.

Tear111313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

The real question is, with consoles do we need PSNow ?

UltraNova313d ago

Its an option for those who dont game on consoles and for those who want to game while travelling etc, provided tney have a good internet connection.

Plus its trojan horse for Sony, if you like, to lure people in that would otherwise never experience Playstation.

TacticAce313d ago

Stop asking these stupid questions. Consoles will always be cheaper than PC's that and the ease of use to plug into the living room us why consoles will always be useful...

fluffydelusions313d ago

Yes we do as it offers a better experience than streaming. Also, datacaps.

Travis3708313d ago

If you think people are gonna stream games instead of playing them in full HD quality on a console ,then good luck on that. Not everyone has good internet and even if you do input lag can still occur.

Mr-Dude313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

I do think 1080p/4k streaming for games will be there in a couple years, maybe even sooner. The problem with PS Now is that it isn't available in every country, and Sony isn't going to put new games on there. It would defeat the purpose of software sale, digital or retail, sales, holiday sales etc. I think it's only for a niche group.

2pacalypsenow313d ago

The avg internet speed is like 8mbps lol

JackBNimble313d ago

Could you imagine streaming a game in 4k and how quickly anyone with a data cap would be max out on their data.

Just streaming 4k movies has got to be rough on anyone with a data cap.

Liqu1d313d ago

Couple of years? More like a couple of decades.

Mr-Dude312d ago

People still have data caps? That's shit. I pay €57,95 for about 300 mbits download and 30 upload. I live in Holland, never had a cap since the dialup modem.

You should all boycot those shady internet companies

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nitus10313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

You are quite right game streaming is not like video streaming and even then you have to have buffering where a portion of the movie is actually saved in memory or storage medium of the device (PC, console, smartphone...) which in turn offsets the variation in network perpormance.

Game streaming can be similar to movie streaming but predominately you are dependent on the overall performance of the network. Yes, some players won't have any issue with game streaming but the majority will.

The Microsoft approach to game streaming is effectively game rental and IMHO is the better approach (giving credit where credit is due) since you actually have to download the game to a storage medium (ie. SSD or HDD) however you now run into problems with data caps if you have them. Of course, even streaming like what PS Now is doing will impact data caps if you have them as well.

The best solution to game streaming is a combination of rental (ie. full download) and buffered streaming allowing the consumer to make the call.

_-EDMIX-_313d ago

I agree I think PlayStation now has its place for specific users but I just don't see it as a reasonable option for the majority.

VoodooProject313d ago

So you are saying PSNOW is a poor streaming service?

Liqu1d313d ago

He's saying PS Now is inferior to playing natively on a console.

joeorc312d ago

He is simply saying like all Streaming , it's not the best method to play games vs local play...which is one of the reasons why Sony is not going down loaded route on anything but a PlayStation...because their goal is not trying to sell you software on anything other than a PlayStation..

Their goal is not only sell you a system , but also sell you the software as well...the rental streaming service is more of a way to monotize other platforms and Advertising software...not to replace.

The console...

Clunkyd312d ago

Well, 5G network is just around the corner. Internet/mobile providers say that it will be mainstream by 2020.
That's gigabit speeds on mobile just to let you know. So it won't be decades, that's for sure.
But I would still rather play the game on the hard drive to have a consistent gameplay experience, at least when it comes to the video quality.

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ninsigma313d ago

New games aren't going to come out on PSNOW so if you want to play the latest PS titles then you'd better have a console to do so!

ORyanDeee313d ago

PS4 exclusives will come out a year or two on ps now after the console release most likely

Clunkyd312d ago

That is if PS Now is still around. lol

Godmars290313d ago (Edited 313d ago )


Would love to see physical copies make a comeback while you're at it.

Godmars290312d ago

Ever since DLC and online updates have become a thing, physical media was on its way out. DVDs and Bluray is effectively dead because of streaming, likewise gaming on PC because of Steam. Some major console titles can't be played without a day-one patch, and contrary to majority belief, because this is a majority vs minority issue, not everyone has decent internet access. Some have none.