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Still on the fence about the Nintendo Switch? Non-Fiction Gamings' Charles B breaks down his reasons to buy.

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ruefrak435d ago

This is exactly where I was in 2006 when I bought a Wii. I hadn't owned a Nintendo console in years. I missed the cartoony fun of Mario games. Zelda was a launch title. Excite Trucks looked cool. Metroid was coming soon. Plus Wii Sports just looked amazing. I was all in and it was a lot of fun.

But then a few years go by and I started looking longingly at those games coming to PS3/X360. They looked soooo good. FIFA was actual FIFA and not a watered-down version. Mario Galaxy was fun but God of War 3 was jaw dropping. I finally picked up a PS3 and Wii went into the playroom. The novelty of Wii wore off quick.

I hope that doesn't happen to Switch, but from my experience, if it can't keep up with the 3rd party titles, the system starts to feel really hollow.

Moonman435d ago

I bought the PS3 first when everyone was hating on it. I totally enjoyed the new directions from Naughty Dog and Sony's commitment to first party franchises. But something was missing. The charm of Nintendo with the focus on fun. I got a Wii in holiday 2009 and played PS3 much less as I caught up on Nintendo games. I put Super Mario Galaxy and Uncharted 2 on a pedestal together as the highlights of that generation. Sony is not Nintendo and Nintendo is not Sony. I need both to satisfy what they both do best.

Yes, buy a Switch. Why deny yourself awesome games? The cost of skipping two overrated AAA games like Andromeda and something else is already half the cost of owning the system. Be wise and wait till some of those overhyped/overrated games are $20 or less. And honestly, Nintendo products hold more resell value these days with most Wii U bundles selling for $200 to $230 used verses PS4's bundles going for just over $130. So you really are not losing anything if you choose to sell it next generation. I suggest keeping Nintendo consoles. :)

Knushwood Butt435d ago

I dunno.

Make your own mind up.

I have more than enough without one.

Movieworld435d ago

AM NOT BUYING IT FOR £260 PLUS £60 PER GAME. Especially when there is only currently one game worth buying. I personally will wait until xmas when I will probably be able to pick it up with a couple games for bout £250. Also we will be able to see if it is going to be another Wii U. Til then I will stick withPS4.

ILikeGamesYeah435d ago

Guys... buy all of them. I've done it, i just cant afford food or clothes thats all :/