Oculus Is Still in Trouble

Oculus Rift has had its fair share of issues, and it doesn’t look like the sun is getting any brighter anytime soon for the company. Facebook, the company that owns Oculus outright could be positioning itself to perform a takeover.

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Godmars290462d ago

When has it not been in trouble?

earlygreenway462d ago

Well, it appears there will actually be consequences.

jmc8888462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

Well Oculus clearly has some issues. Facebook has to pay for stealing tech. They have a closed system which means they can only sell games to people that have Oculus. Other VR platforms are positioned better. PSVR has a much bigger market and has games that are mutli-VR platform. Even PSVR users using Trinus can buy some VR games on Steam. Vive obviously benefits by being linked with Steam.

Also there is much to legitimately fear regarding a 'takeover' of operations by Facebook. That doesn't sound good at all. If anything that would make Oculus worse off. It already has a stigma attached by being owned by Facebook, but if it was RUN by facebook, hard too see much that is positive with that.

TheCommentator461d ago (Edited 461d ago )

The article says that VR SW development in general is not profitable, that devs are getting discouraged with taking losses already, and it's full of gimmicky experiences that don't make a strong case for VR right now. That includes Vive, and PSVR...

The downwards spiral begins:

1. Too expensive means small market
2. Small market means greater risk of loss from devs
3. Greater risk means less games support
4. Less games support means less HW sales
5. Less HW sales means smaller market
6. Go back up to step 2