Respawn Entertainment has News for Titanfall 2 Fans

After a month of silence, Titanfall 2 developers spoke out about the future of Titanfall. On March 15, a new post was seen on the Titanfall blog that answered a lot of questions from fans.

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Shubhendu_Singh403d ago

It shrinks my heart everytime I come across Titanfall news.
Because it makes me think how this one franchise that IS good is just treated to one bad luck to another.

Too early obviously for TF3, lets hope they can revitalize TF2 and roll back some MP changes.

morganfell403d ago

Most mistreated game of 2016. Great story, great gameplay, idiotic publisher that cast the game aside for a shallow, laughable BF4 ripoff. Greed. Simple greed.

UCForce403d ago

Yeah, I agree. I blame EA for it. Seriously, they should have delay the game.

UCForce402d ago

"a shallow, laughable BF4 ripoff" do you mean BF 1 ? Why ? I'm curious.

URNightmare402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

What doomed this franchise was the rushed exclusivity deal for Xbox One with the first one. Then the horrible timing of release for the second one.

The Titanfall 2 Deluxe Edition is on sale for $19.99 at BestBuy if anyone is interested.

shloobmm3402d ago

No what doomed the game was being a simple stripped down shell of the first game. Yeah they added a great campaign but the multiplayer is terrible compared to the original. Its not even close. It's so dumbed down and easy. Without a solid multiplayer it has nothing to hold peoples attention.

gangsta_red402d ago

The first one put this game on the map. And it was a successful if anything it not being an exclusive killed the second game since the publisher decided to just throw it ti the wolves in the wild.

Kingoftherodeo402d ago

what doom the franchised was that they took a bunch of feed back from people that didn't play the first one. lots of ps4 owners that were salty about not having the first game ripped the first one so hard, so when the next one came around they tried to fixed much of what was wrong with the first one. which was nothing all they needed to add was a SP, new maps, and new weapons and titans. what they did was change some very fundamental things that worked great for the first one sure lots of people didn't find an issue because it was their first titanfall. but it was really a water down multiplayer compared to the first.

still a way better MP FPS than anyone put out this year

402d ago
vickers500402d ago

I've played both tf1 and tf2s mp, and tf2s mp is FAR better than tf1.

Watered down mp my ass, you're just upset that titans aren't overpowered invincible tanks anymore, forcing you to adapt to something new, which you don't like. You just want to use the same tactics over and over again to win fights and stomp on everyone else, kind of like the gears fans who complain whenever a counter to their beloved gnasher is introduced and start throwing a fit.

TF2 mp is better in almost every way, save for the maps, which is debatable. And ziplines, but that's about it.

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torchic403d ago

glad they're hard at work on DLC because TF2 needs more content . i mean there is a lot of it but its spread too thin between all the many game modes. more maps, more primary weapons and more anti-titan weapons.

otherwise Titanfall 2 is an excellent game. i really, really feel sorry for all the sheeple who bought CoD:IW and BF1 they're missing out on a great game all because they want to be cool and play what everyone else is playing

402d ago
T2X402d ago

I feel bad for the cheaple who can't afford all of them like me.


Ya I bought TF2 and Battlefield 1, I am starting to like TF2 more

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optimus402d ago

I hope they add single player content for guys like me that don't play online...titanfall 2 was one of the best games i've played all year.

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