How Mass Effect 2's finale plays your emotions to make death genuinely mean something

Everything in BioWare’s epic space opera leads to one thing: the suicide mission. After forming a crew of the galaxy’s most notorious mercenaries, criminals, and genetically engineered super-soldiers, Shepard has to fly his ship through the mysterious and feared Omega Relay.

In the Mass Effect universe, people use ancient devices called Mass Relays to travel between the stars. But anyone who travels through the Omega Relay, which glows a sinister red rather than the usual soft blue, never comes back. It’s a cosmic Bermuda Triangle, and is said to lead to the home of the Collectors: a race of insect-like creatures that serve as the antagonists in Mass Effect 2.

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tigertron270d ago

Although I preferred the first game, ME2 was an amazing sequel.

alstruck269d ago

Yup me too.. Only the uninteresting main plot and Harbinger makes ME2 not perfect to me.. My problem with ME1 is just the shooting mechanics and bugs, so it's more challenging..

warriorcase270d ago

Was able to save everyone on my second playthrough. Stocked

JBlaze226269d ago

To me Mass Effect 2 was my favorite out of the trilogy