Climax Dev On Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 PRO: Competition Between Platforms Is Positive For Everyone

The console war this generation has been more marked by the technical aspects of gaming than in any generation before.

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naruga192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

off course is good ...also exclusives serve the same role -heat up competition and better games are being made.... only some sterile PC only gamers and some blind currently buthurt fans (usually from Xbox side) are declaring death to exclusives or consoles (consoles and exclusives are inextricably connected)

NatFanBoyRestricted192d ago

It's the Sony fanboys that want the xbox dead. Blind much?

Angel911192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

Yup, Sony fanboys want Xbox dead...They are ignorant bunch of foools, who don't understand how imortant competition is for industry..

PS2 success blinded Sony with arrogance and they released 599 PS3 ..It was 360 which brought them back to their senses..Same goes for Xbox one now.

Realms191d ago

Nah MS wanted to monopolize the console market and got slapped F down, because that has been their plan all along. Kind of how they did with the OS on PC but gamers saw right through their BS and brought them back to reality. People don't care if MS is in the console market but we made it clear to them that trying to implement draconian policies was a no go.

1908-PB192d ago

naruga--- i guess you fall in to that category of being a sterile as well then. on the same note advanced hardware/competition is good for every one but locking games to one platform not so much.

donthate192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

Glad I'm not invested into the whole console war thing. Instead, I'm gonna enjoy Scorpio this Holiday. Can't wait for MS to unleash the monster. Looking forward to a console designed with performance in mind!

Couple that with cloud and Crackdown 3, and I really think no other machine will compare to it with the exception of extremely expensive PCs. Can't wait!!!

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louie7192d ago

Everyone... Except the consumer as both companies release a new console every few years in a constant struggle to out do each other.

Pancit_Canton192d ago

Everyone knows that except gamingbolt, I guess.

opinionated192d ago

And the people with an irrational hatred of capitalism and common sense.

3-4-5192d ago

It will advance the tech faster and make it cheaper which will give us better consoles next gen.

Gamist2dot0192d ago

So is this going to be a monthly thing for Gamingbolt to ask Climax about their opinion on Pro vs Scorpio until Scorpio releases?

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The story is too old to be commented.