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Pax East 2017 – Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer, Nintendo Switch can access other regions, Spring games 2017, Reggie addresses Switch concerns in an interview with Time Magazine, Roundtable discussion: Is Zelda: Breath Of The Wild overrated? with special guest Nano. Danny and Parris answer questions from the listeners. Discussion begins around 18:05 ends at 45:53.

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skydragoonityx367d ago

No its not overrated, actually its worth the hype.

Septic367d ago

I am loving it. If its dungeons were longer and not the way they are then I'd really love it. But as it stands, i frickin love it

bouzebbal367d ago

there is a difference between loving it and being overhyped.
i have been playing games since the 80s and this is the first one as far as i remember that has been overhyped this much and especially because i played every single zelda so my expectations are always ridiculous with every episode and "almost" every single lives up to these expectations.. this one somehow it doesn't deliver on any aspect.
i finished it and it is the biggest disappointment ever.

Erik7357367d ago

^ Some people didn't like skyrim....some people didn't like the original mass effect trilogy.....not every game is made for everyone

thekhurg367d ago

Zelda fans love it. Neutral gamers seem hit and miss. Other platform fanboys hate it.

I do think the reviewers were very bias and skewed too high which fueled the overhype train. It got a free pass on things that other games have been knocked for which is I believe the root cause of a lot of non-Zelda fan hate.

DanteVFenris666367d ago

@thekhurg no gamers love it, Zelda fan or not. This game will make you a Zelda fan.

People that don't like it are fanboys. Of course others may dislike it but don't take any comment on n4g here seriously. Most are rabbid fanboys that are upset the most critically acclaimed almost ever was on a system that they don't own and don't share a bias for.

Sony fanboys were even happy that halo wars 2 wasn't rated that high. Most people on this site are twelve judging by behaviour. Why would you want any good game to fail as a gamer?

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CocoaBrother367d ago

Personally, I don't think it's overrated. My friends and I have been playing it nonstop and sending each other photos of what we find and how far we've gotten. 13 days in and we are all still enjoying it

ShadowKnight367d ago

It's not overrated its one of the best Zelda games since The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

366d ago
Erik7357367d ago

Its pretty amazing and I think the highest rated game so far this generation

blu3_puls3367d ago

Well I mean yeah, the Nintendo Switch just started its new console generation.

Erik7357367d ago

Well, compared to ps4/xbox one.

Don't know a single original game on those systems that had average score of 97 on metacritic

MRMagoo123367d ago

it's not the highest rated game this gen , I already proved that to you in your last defence of Nintendo rant.

Erik7357367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Tell me whats rated higher that came out for ps4/xbox one then?

Gta 5 is the only title I can think of that even ties with breath of wild with 97 metacritic but that game came out last gen and was just ported to this gen

DanteVFenris666367d ago

It's rated higher than gta5 despite thirty more reviews it's still retains that average of 97

Aenea367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

"but that game came out last gen"

Ehmm, it came out when this gen had just started. It also came out on last gen consoles and current gen consoles.

Zelda BOTW also came out on a last gen console, the Wii U.... So ehmmm...............

Why even mention it's the highest rated game so far anyways?

KwietStorm367d ago

GTA V came out before PS4 and Xbox were out, not at the same time the generation started.

Aenea367d ago


Haha, yeah, those few weeks make the difference in a generation!!

Monster_Tard367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

A few weeks? Try 1 year and 2 months later.

Aenea367d ago


I think you're confused, GTA V released in September 2013, PS4 released in October 2013, X1 in November 2013...

Perhaps you think we were talking about the release on X1/PS4? But since Erik said it was already on 'last gen' he actually meant PS3/X360's release date...

Monster_Tard367d ago

Yeah I took your comment wrong. I tried to edit my comment again, but my 15 minutes were up.

KwietStorm367d ago

That's not the point. You're saying because the release was so close, that it's included, when it's a fact that it came out on the older platforms before the new systems were available, and it was only available on the older platforms for a year. Not that Erik even has an end game, but he's talking about a game that has debuted this generation. GTA V isn't even new.

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Darkfist_Flames367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

love how now you fanboys starting to use review score, why didnt any of you use it last year? xD

MRMagoo123367d ago

If you can't count gta5 because it came out on last gen consoles you can't count Zelda it also came out on wiiu , you can't just make up different rules when ever they don't fit your stupid plan of what you think is right. gta5 counts or Zelda doesn't take your pick child

Erik7357367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Even if we did count it its still tied at best. Zelda came out this generation simultaneously

DanteVFenris666367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Wii u was for PS4 generation though

Zelda has more perfect scores than gta5. Zelda almost has 30 more reviews on metacritic and still maintains that average. Much more impressive.

Zelda was at a 98 when it had the same number of reviews as gta 5

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silkrevolver367d ago

Finally - an N4G comments section about BotW that isn't filled with rampant, unexperienced hatred towards the game.

It's an awesome game. For me, it's absolutely worth the hype. 10/10, even with some of its issues.

ElectricFeel367d ago

Still filled with people getting constant unnecessary down votes though haha.

MRMagoo123367d ago

Riiiiiiiight because not everyone thinks it's a 10 out of 10 it's hated 😂 you kids need to grow up seriously it's getting f#$king sad now. Not everyone loves Zelda games the same as not everyone loves Lord of the rings and not everyone loves star wars , it's ALL opinions , opinions aren't facts and can never be facts.

Erik7357367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

We know you have a ps4/horizon zero dawn, trust me, we aren't stupid. 😂

Like its not a coincidence you own a ps4

The fact that your using energy to comment on Zelda/Switch articles makes us think the game is even better.

Do you understand how that pretty much de-legitimizes your opinion on this for us and how no one but playstation fanboys are taking your comment seriously. The must irrelevant group of people when it comes to the topic of Zelda basically.

Like its not a coincidence that you and all the hate towards zelda are coming from playstation owners and just playstation owners.

Yea theres 1 or 2 bad reviews but I understand not everyone liked gta 5, not everyone liked skyrim,fallout,etc. And when playstation fans got excited about seeing a 7 score you know the game was good when 7 is considered bad for it lol

367d ago
MRMagoo123367d ago (Edited 367d ago )


once again gta5 is also rated 97 so stop lying about highest rated game geez you guys get thicker by the day

btw those ratings are opinions not facts ,reviews aren't facts they are opinions of individuals whose opinions mean just as much as a random stranger in the street.

I'm done wasting my time on you I could be taking a crap or picking my nose both involve things smarter than you. have a great day

367d ago
ElectricFeel366d ago

I don't see any Zelda fans salivating at the thought of Horizon getting bad reviews. The hate on this site is indeed real.

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CaptainObvious878366d ago

It's official, nintendo fanboys are the worst.

I used to think ms fanboys were the worst, but the special brand of arrogant smugness, zealotry and rabid blind aggression to anyone that points out zelda's legitimate flaws, that points out the obvious double standard from reviewers, that suggest that maybe, just maybe, it's not a perfect game that can cure cancer while you play is... difficult to comprehend.

I literally haven't seen this level of fanboyism, ever.

You nintendo fanboys are the absolute worst.