Sony Dominates 2016 Console Market With 57% Share of World Market Value

Console market suffers in 2016 but on course for rebound in 2017

The latest games market research from IHS Markit shows that the console market amounted to $34.7 billion in 2016, down 2.5% on the 2015 total of $35.6 billion. The drop was a result of decreased sales volume for console hardware and a reduction in prices for consoles, including Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. World console hardware spending in 2016 fell to $10.5 billion from $12.8 billion in 2015.

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GtR35olution463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

Well the ps4 is the best console available for gaming and the playstation console has dominated every console generation since the ps1. The ps3 faltered but still was very successful even at a higher retail price. Every generation playstation garners the most exclusive games, highest rated exclusive games and offers the widest variety of games but even though this has been ongoing for over 20 years people expect things to easily change.

Abash463d ago

You said it. They are producing magnificent new games like Horizon: Zero Dawn that really exceed expectations while delivering a bunch of third party exclusives. The line-ups with the PS4 only get better each and every year so they deserve to be dominating

chrisx462d ago

The xbone is not up to standards of a competitor, Playstation is the master of games

bouzebbal462d ago

It's all about that consistent flow of high quality exclusives.

Letthewookiewin462d ago

Xbox is crap. Been saying it since it launched.

Neonridr462d ago

so you said that the playstation console has dominated every console generation since the ps1 and then said the PS3 faltered. So are you saying the PS3 dominated last gen? Because sales definitely don't paint it that way.

Also I would like to think that Nintendo produces some of the highest rated exclusives. But most people like to forget they even exist..

stuna1462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

The PS3 definitely dominated exclusive wise last generation. As far as new Ip's and variety Sony has remained untouchable generation after generation. That fact alone will insure Sony's success for generations to come no matter what obstacles may come from competitors.

It's not about power! It's not about features! It's not even about sales! It's about offering variety in experiences that cater to the various variety of gamers that continuously grows and adapts to gamers tastes. Nothing is wrong with sequels, but you also need new Ip's that offer alternatives and freshness to keep gamers engaged.

ForeverTheGoat462d ago

I would argue Nintendo had just as many quality exclusives. And won sales wise.

Thatgrammar462d ago

Neonridr, the PS3 sold more than the xbox 360, but less than the wii. So it didn't dominate. It did, however, dominate exclusivity wise.

Dark_Knightmare2462d ago

Nintendo does produce high rated exclusives but going by metacritic Sony has released the most critically acclaimed games in the last twenty years so what he said wasn't false

Jaqen_Hghar462d ago


since Sony entered console gaming they have outsold Nintendo by about 215 million consoles. Nintendo has not won sales wise. Add in handhelds since Sony entered and it gets closer but still about a 70 million lead for Sony. So yeah Nintendo hasn't done just as well. A man questions your math

Angel911462d ago

360 sold more than ps3 last gen..But difference is not huge..Only 0.5-1m...

Babadook7462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

"Because sales definitely don't paint it that way."

Unless you look at software sales which are arguably what it's all about. PlayStation always sells the most units of software. They always sell the most hardware as well other than last gen with the Wii. But since the Wii was a fad it did not manage to outsell Ps3 in software.

XanderZane462d ago

The PS3 really didn't dominate anything last gen. It played catch up on just about everything. The Wii had just as many exclusives as the PS3, but had a lot more in hardware and software sales throughout the whole generation. Both the Wii and XBox 360 stayed ahead of the PS3 until almost the end of the generation. Microsoft pulled the plug on the XBox 360 allowing the PS3 to eventually take 2nd place. They dominated with the PS1, PS2 and now the PS4. As for exclusives, the first 18 months of PS3 exclusives were pretty lacklustered, it really wasn't until after the PS3 Slim was release is when the PS3 started giving us some great exclusives like Puppeteer, Dragon Crown, Uncharted 3, Demon's Souls, Resistance 3, Little Big Planet 2, Ni No Kuni, Motorstorm: Apocalypse, etc.... They started out of the gates slow, but finished strong in the end.

nicsaysdie462d ago

Actually, at the end of the life of the 360 and ps3, Ps3 was on top. Also, funny thing is, Sony still supports ps3. And to date, the ps3 (that's right, last gets powerhouse) is outselling the Xone (Microsoft's current gen machine) by almost 6 million. Consequently, the sales gap between ps3 and 360 is still widening because people still buy the ps3. The same can not be said for Microsoft's last gen or current gen (sarcasm intended toward current gen). Maybe you should check your facts. Also, no one forgets Nintendo. They just aren't the dominating force they were back in the days of snes.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen462d ago



Nothing more needs to be said.

kreate462d ago


"As for exclusives, the first 18 months of PS3 exclusives were pretty lacklustered"

that's pretty much the same w most consoles. the 360 didn't have much the first 18 months. only gears.

1Victor462d ago

Sony don't go fishing in the sea with 3 colanders they go fishing with a net, that's the reason they've dominated every generation when it comes to game quality new and old.


Precisely! save for the first 3 years of last gen , Playstation has dominated the last 20 years of gaming!

Indeed, Nintendo produces some of the highest rated exclusives, but lacks most of the highest rated exclusives (Exclusives for PS or xbox or 3rd party).

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_-EDMIX-_462d ago

Absolutely agreed

Sony has been able to dominate The Home console Gaming landscape because they've been able to properly adapt.

In a market as fast as technology you must diversify or die.

They're not afraid to take risk in always create something new every single generation this keeps their Gamers always happy and always looking for something brand new but it also removes any stigma our preconceived notion about owning a PlayStation.

You can basically say if you don't like Mario or Zelda don't buy a Nintendo platform , you can to a degree say if you don't like Halo or Forza you won't like an Xbox system, but you could never use those same criticisms towards a PlayStation

Not even PlayStation fans know what is going to be their favorite property that generation and in my honest opinion that is absolutely one of the greatest feelings when purchasing a console , that is not just about expectations from series that you love and know, it's the fact that you could be wrong and you could have a new favorite come right out of the blue.

I bought a PlayStation 3 clearly to play specific properties that I already knew but I never believed I would be ending the system with a game like The Last of Us.

But that's no different than when I purchased a Playstation 2 for games like Metal Gear Solid 2 in Final Fantasy 10 along with other pre-existing series but ended that generation with God of War.

Just like we're currently with the PlayStation 4 generation and Horizon zero Dawn is easily my favorite property release by Sony currently but when this generation started I never believed that would be the case.

This is one of those instances where it's kind of fun to be wrong.

I don't know what will be my favorite property when the PlayStation 5 comes out but what I do know is that I cannot afford to not own a PlayStation 5 at launch

For me in gaming right now this is the only company that has that very solid guarantee every generation.

You don't need to know anything about the previous PlayStations to enjoy a new PlayStation console that releases simply because you could be within the generation were your favorite property releases.

You didn't need to know anything about Jak and Daxter to enjoy the last of us just like you didn't need to know anything about Killzone to enjoy a horizon.

No alienating, you don't need to know anything about their previous series to enjoy their new platforms it is a system truly for everyone.

Hardiman462d ago

You are so right in that you never know what great games are coming. I too got a PS3 thinking it would have Ratchet and Clank(which it did) or maybe Jak and Daxter or maybe a new God of War(again we did) but I never imagined the Uncharted series or The Last of Us, Demon Souls(which led to great things) Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls or the Infamous series or Little Big Planet. So when the PS4 came around I was expecting some new things and we've had a few, The Order, Bloodborne, Until Dawn, The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2, Nioh and just recently Horizon and I would have never thought Guerrilla Games would develop such a game but that's what you get with PlayStation. We still have so many great games coming and some still to even be announced.

IAmLoki462d ago

I am a proud owner of 3 ps4 consoles, one of them being a Pro. I bought almost every exclusive game minus the remasters and MLB the show games. Pretty soon I will upgrade my HDTV to a beautiful humongous 4k from LG and take advantage of PS4 Pro's groundbreaking checkerboard up scaling technology.

MRMagoo123462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

I bought a ps4 pro then a 55 inch 4k hdr tv a week later and have been blown away by the quality , I bought the pro because I didn't have a ps4 and wanted horizon zero dawn to look at it's best and I have to say I'm very happy with my purchase. Probably the best game I've played in years at the very least this gen. Usually I'm on pc playing civilization or city skylines but lately it's been all ps4 pro.

you are in for a treat when you get that 4k tv 😊

yeahright2462d ago

Just out of curiosity, why buy 3? separate rooms? different houses/apartments?
I thought about buying a second for the bedroom, but the PSTV worked out just fine.

Oh and by the way, If you're looking to upgrade your TV, I highly suggest this site for reviews:

I linked to the TV I ended up getting as I felt it offered the most bang for my buck and has all the bells and whistles to maximize the Pro, hdr 10, 4K, wide color gamut, etc. It does have a strong focus on gaming though, so while it's more than above average for TV and movie watching, games is where you'll get the most out of it.

TheKingKratos462d ago

Yeah, no doubt ps4+pc is the best combo ever

Got my ps4 early last year
Playing Horizon on base ps4+HDR put all games on my gaming pc to shame

I was a little scared that Sony would try to make ps4 look lame to sell the pro
But they did amazing job at making it clear that pro is just there to offer higher res for 4k owners and sometimes better AF while the graphics remain the same between base ps4 and pro
Sony is making it clear that base ps4 is their main system while pro is just "slightly" better system not offering huge gap that would piss off the main base for ps4. it is there as an option for 4k owners
So they don't split the ps4 fanbase
not sure how microsoft will deal with the scorpio and xb1 looking at there will be huge gap because the much faster/stronger gpu/ram/cpu in scorpio and no doubt base xb1 will feel left out once they see the very big gap
Microsoft in really tough spot this gen

Horizon zero dawn is the most amazing looking game along with uncharted 4 this gen

HDR is the real game changer here this gen and i'm glad my ps4 support it
Can't wait for TLOU2 and Death stranding and god of war 4:)

MRMagoo123462d ago

God of war will be amazing with hdr, the amount of detail in colour we will be able to see will be crazy. Another must buy like horizon

GNCFLYER462d ago

Yep yep. I own both and happily game on both. Games look amazing either system.

yeahright2462d ago

I'm actually surprised how blown away I am with some titles this gen. Horizon takes the cake as of right now, but there's uncharted 4, ryse, the order, killzone, all look incredibly good.

462d ago
Maddens Raiders462d ago

Just like it was is Just like it is.
Live in your world. Play in ours.

▲ ☻ x ◙

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HotMoltenLava462d ago

Man you sound so foolish. You do know that a console is a piece of plastic?

Kaneki-Ken462d ago

@HotMoltenLava the saltiness flow through you

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

There is nothing wrong with being excited about PlayStation being where it is. That success guarantees that we as gamers will continue to get games like TLOU2, GOW4, Days Gone, Death Stranding, Detroit Become Human, Spider-man, and many more. If PlayStation wasn't as successful as it is right now do you truly believe that Sony would be developing and funding high quality exclusive games or do you think we would be inundated with mediocrity, endless piles of sequels, and shovelware?

Think before you post.


And from that moment on.. PlayStation would kick so much ass.. The competition wouldn't even post sales numbers.

threefootwang462d ago

"But IHS noted that the overall console game market shrank in 2016"

Hopefully that changes this year

WelkinCole462d ago

2015 was a crazy year for games. 2017 is just freaking nuts.

chrisx462d ago

Its all about the games. Xbone can't even come close to the Playstations shadow

freshslicepizza462d ago

Does that mean Nintendo is in the dark? Funny how the Sony diehards focus all their efforts on Microsoft. This proves they are still very much competitive because if they weren't you guys wouldn't be wasting your time talking about them so much.

BlackTar187462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

nintendo hasn't been a competitor for about 15yrs with Playstation. Maybe that changes now with switch but we'll see. They target a very different demographic

I feel for you Moldy

ShadowKnight462d ago

If you say so 😂😅. It means reality has struck and the Xbox is irrelevant at the moment rather you like it or not. But that can change at E3 all eyes will be on Microsoft press conference.

bluefox755462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

It must be hard on you coming here every day, seeing people say bad things about your beloved Xbox. If only they could see what you see!

freshslicepizza462d ago

"If you say so 😂😅. It means reality has struck and the Xbox is irrelevant at the moment rather you like it or not. But that can change at E3 all eyes will be on Microsoft press conference."

so irrelevant yet you guys cant stop talking about them. there is also a very noticeable pattern, you guys keep talking about how you will get xbox games on the pc given the choice yet games that come to the pc and ps4 all of the sudden it goes silent like all your pc's all of the sudden stop working.

and yes, sony fans do want nintendo to retutn to its glory because for some odd reason its like to be loyal to sony you must go after microsoft.

Elda462d ago

Talk about the Pot calling the kettle black.

BlackTar187462d ago

i find your comments moldy very relaxing.

KwietStorm462d ago

Funny how you're in EVERY PlayStation article downplaying EVERYTHING PlayStation related lol Jesus Christ

462d ago
Dark_Knightmare2462d ago

If you weren't such a fanboy and Sony hater you wouldn't be wasting your time talking so much

trooper_462d ago

Funny how all of a sudden, you're jumping to Nintendo's aid.

Dragonscale462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

@moldy, aah that old chestnut e3, seems all you xbox fans have got at the moment is that and scorpio. Anyhow if you think ms's e3 is gonna be good just wait till you see sony's. There's is gonna blow your socks off.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen462d ago

Moldy, Nintendo can't compete with Sony in terms of IP's and New IP's. There are only a few first party games from Nintendo that have any notoriety and most of them have Mario or Zelda in the title.

yeahright2462d ago

Is it competitive, or just the closest thing to a competitor?

@shadowknight. I see that phrase "xbox is irrelevant" being thrown around quite a bit, But I disagree, I feel it's more redundant now for anyone looking to get into current gen gaming or considering adding an xbox 1 to their gaming set up. Apart from sunset overdrive, I can't really see any reason to pass on a decent gaming PC and get an X1 instead. And one game, in my eyes, will never be enough to buy a whole console for.

freshslicepizza462d ago

I fully support anyone investing in a decent Windows 10 PC. Just as long as they talk the talk and are not bringing it up to show why the PS4 is better because Sony doesn't put its exclusives on the PC.

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Angel911462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

We will see for how long ony will support you with cheap consoles and games if there is no competition.. Idiot

Yohshida462d ago

Has the first AAA exclusive in 12 months, pretends to outplay everyone. Where were you in 2013-2015?

Dark_Knightmare2462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

Might want to do some research so you don't look so foolish next time oh and while you're at it get your blood pressure checked all that salt cant be good for you

Nyxus462d ago

What alternate reality do you live in?

Yohshida462d ago

Name me those AAA exclusives please, I want to know!

nowitzki2004461d ago

No one should name anything for you.. Someone as foolish as you needs to start researching sooner or later in life.

Yohshida461d ago

Its funny, because im right.

Now you come at me with some random stuff like last guardian is AAA, which it isn't, just to make you look better.

Chevalier460d ago

I find it hilarious that you what you suggest is NOT AAA , but, somehow Sea of Thieves and State of Decay are.

AAA so far this year on PS4

Gravity Rush 2
Horizon Zero Dawn
Yakuza 0
Kingdom Hearts 2.8
Tales of Berseria

MLB 17
Persona 5
Kingdom Hearts Collection
Dragonquest Heroes 2

Yohshida460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

Sadly people like you don't understand what AAA means.

Sea of Thieves is a title hundreds of people work on for several years. This game has tens of millions of budget and will get a huge marketing campaign.

Gravity Rush 2
Yakuza 0
Kingdom Hearts 2.8
Tales of Berseria

none of these is AAA. Have you seen any commercial of one of these games? Have you seen those at E3? Maybe one or two. Tales is a series that comes out every year, the animations etc. still look like ps2. How is this a freaking AAA????
You compare those games to Uncharted, Last of us, God of War, Gran Turismo in terms of quality, budget and marketing. You REALLY need to think about that.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is already out on Switch by the way. Also funny is how you say a collection is a AAA game. How many Kingdom Hearts games can they make in one year?

As stated several times by Phil Spencer and Larry Hryb, State of Decay 2 has the budget and quality of a AAA game. The first one wasn't one. They saw the potential and gave the team a chance to make a AAA game out of it.

Games made by 20 people with a 2 million $ budget are not anywhere near AAA games. The marketing campaign for Uncharted 4 had a higher budget as these games you posted here. Im not saying those games are bad, they are just not what you think.

Here you go:

Chevalier459d ago (Edited 459d ago )

See this is how we can tell your an idiot. Your suggesting a Kingdom Hearts with almost every major Disney licensed characters isn't going to cost $10+ million to develop? Wow.

So why don't you let us know how many people worked on Sea of Thieves, Yazuza, Dragonquest Heroes (also by Square Enix) and Tales from Bandai Namco. Would love to know how you qualify your statement with some facts. Sea of Thieves looks pretty poor in comparison. How did you conclude how many people worked on and the budget of these games?

Yohshida459d ago (Edited 459d ago )


Not sure if troll or....

Sea of Thieves is the only announced Game by Rare atm. They have around 200 employees working on the game since 2014. Now you call Dragon Quest, a franchise with multiple games per year. Do you think 1000 people work on those games for several years? Not really. In terms of overall Quality, Graphical fidelity, Sound, Voiceover, Mechanics, Physics etc. those games show how they are not AAA.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a AAA game.
The countless collections and half games are not in those category, how else can they make a new Kingdom Hearts while smashing out smaller ones every year?

Meanwhile bandai namco is releasing 7 games in 2017 and 11 in 2016 with around 900 employees. Don't you think something aint right in your thinking?

Smaller Teams with a lower budget are making more games in a shorter period of time. Have you ever seen any TV Spot for Yakuza? Now look at Horizon Zero Dawn.

Why shouldn't Sony market a HUGE AAA exclusive? They even buy rights to other AAA games like GTA and COD just to market them and they don't market Yakuza, Kingdom Hearts or Tales?? THINK ABOUT IT PLEASE!

Chevalier458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

Why would Sony have to pay for advertising for Square Enix? They haven't paid for exclusivity and Square as a company is worth a billion + dollars and can afford to do their own marketing.

As for Bandai Namco you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. They have a number of smaller projects and games like Tekken, Naruto and Dragon Ball have been released over the years and reuse a lot of assets and don't need the large teams you suggest.

Your suggesting to me that an RPG on the scale and cel shaded such as Tales of Berseria or Ni No Kuni 2 isn't a AAA budget? They take hundreds of people to make such massive games.

Also if we're going to use studio size as a goalpost then you're suggesting a 200 person studio like Rare can make a AAA. game and often bring up indie games like State of Decay 2, Ori and the blind Forest are AAA with their tiny studios your suggesting Bandai Namco need more though.

Okay so let's debunk your garbage.

Rare 200 employees
CD Project 400 employees
Bioware 800 employees
From Software 290 employees
Cyberproject 2 170+ employees
Dimps 218 employees
Level 5 280 employees (Owned by Bandai, Sony and Sega fyi)

So let's look at Bandai Namco and how your an idiot. You suggest Bandai Namco at 900 staff is not making AAA games, but, lets look at Dark Souls which is a AAA studio that has done Bloodborne, Dark Souls and Demon Souls for example. A lot of projects are PUBLISHED by Bandai, but, the work is outsourced and done completely by From Software (Which is owned by another huge company called Kadokawa Shoten). So huge projects completely outsourced and ONLY published and owned by Bandai Namco, how many of the 900 principal people do you need to publish games? Not many.

CyberConnect2 which is currently working on FF VII and is the developer on Naruto Ninja Storm games also is 170+ person studio, but, guess what they aren't owned by Bandai Namco either. Neither are Dimps or Level 5.

In fact that's ONLY 4 of the major studios that Bandai Namco outsource and produce the properties they own and publish. That's 1000+ people NOT part of Bandai Namco making 5-6 major franchises.

Unless your suggesting that a studio like Cyberconnect who made Naruto is 'tiny', they're ONLY working on FF VII remake, not a big deal right? It's ONLY FF VII. Level 5 makes Ni No Kuni for Bandai Namco and ONLY does EVERY Dragonquest game for Square Enix might I add and which sell more than FINAL FANTASY. From Software has ONLY done Bloodborne and Demons Souls for Sony and Dark Souls for Bandai Namco. Yeah NONE of these studios are capable of making AAA, but, a 200 man studio like Rare is? Lol.

So yeah a lot of outsourcing. There are literally more than 2000+ workers working for Bandai Namco at any given time. According to you a 200 person studio is capable of making AAA, do you think 2000+ people could make 10 games in a year? Uh yeah they could. Even Activision is only 4000 people. Bandai Namco also does anime, toys, manga as well. Multiple companies work for them.

So again get that wrapped around your tiny brain.

Chevalier458d ago

One more piece of info for you. Bandai Namco makes over $1/2 billion a year in revenue. They are owned by Japan Bank which ONLY manages $1+ trillion of assets and Mastertrust bank is only worth $50 Billion dollars. $50 Billion isn't that much right? S/

So yeah Bandai Namco is 'tiny'. What do I know. So these 'small' companies are more like umbrella corporations that outsource work.

Yohshida458d ago

Whoa, you really don't get it.

Lets just pretend Sony only has AAA games oke.
All games AAA budget blockbuster games that get marketed big time. What a blockbuster machine it is, such AAA, much Budget, wow

Chevalier458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

Clearly your clueless. Budget of game can make it AAA, not the advertising. Your the one who suggest small indie projects like Ori and the Blind Forest, Cuphead and garbage State of the Decay and Killer Instinct are AAA.

Wtf does advertising have to do with that? By your retarded reasoning the Wii 3rd party garbage games that were highly advertised, Just Dance and garbage like Kinect Sport and Kinect are some AAA games and accessories based on the $1/2 billion advertising campaign makes them great. Lol. Your counter argument was literally NOTHING. Thanks for proving how much of an idiot you are. You actually thought that Bandai Namco was a tiny company. Guess now that I debunked all your garbage you got nothing.