When Sequels Go Too Far

Can sequels kill a series? Maybe. Which is why companies need to be extra careful when continuing a line of games.

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DasTier13d ago

"I'm an original Duke Nukem purist so maybe I'm biased, but you know what, no. I think most would agree that Duke Nukem 3D was pretty atrocious."

I don't think anyone would agree with that statement, 3D is one of the best FPS off all time. In fact I don't think this author even knows what the original Duke Nukem looked like.

Garbage website. Garbage article.

yomfweeee13d ago

Ya that makes no sense. 3D is what made that game popular. Did he mean Forever?

2pacalypsenow13d ago

Yeah Duke "Nukum" was originaly a platformer then turned FPS with 3D lol

bluefox75513d ago

Duke Nuken 3D is a classic, I've never heard anyone say differently. What a bizarre thing to say.

iofhua13d ago

I went to a Duke Nukem 3D LAN party when I was a kid. It was a blast. The weapons were off the wall and crazy for it's time. The shrinker/expander had me giggling the first time I used it to step on someone. I got it for the N64 years later and had fun playing it with friends on splitscreen.

It was one of the best FPS in it's time. It had as much of an impact on FPS in it's day that the first Halo had. Can't imagine how anyone could think it was a bad sequel. Duke Nukem 3D was bigger and better than it's 2D original.

Now DNF was bad. I can agree with you there. It should have stayed in development limbo forever.

GrimDragon13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I clicked for cortana.

letsa_go13d ago

I like the clickbait images! haha

2pacalypsenow13d ago

Dead Space 3 killed the series,

opinionated13d ago

No, EA killed the series. Just like they killed skate after they rushed skate 3 (and killed the studio that made skate 3).

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