Horizon Zero Dawn's biggest PS4 secret will take hours to uncover

PS4 smash hit Horizon Zero Dawn has got one incredible secret, but it's reserved for only the most dedicated of PlayStation gamers.

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fenome193d ago

It's just about the theme you get for the Platinum :\

I'm almost there, I'm probably gonna wrap up my last few trophies after work today :p

uth11191d ago

That's the secret? It's been known for at least a week

TheSaint191d ago

Platinum is pretty easy, you might need a guide for the training dummies but that's about it.

ethiebowie191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

I got the 'theme' for free off the PlayStation Store. As a PS+ member.

drunkenspy007191d ago

The theme you get from the trophy isn't the same you get for free

faysal191d ago

i never got the bloodborne theme or this.... even though i have platinumed both! what can i do about this?

Alexander1Nevermind191d ago

It comes in an email I believe (from Sony). Check your Junk folder

Wallstreet37191d ago

I never got it either and it's because everyone in NA wasn't getting it like EU at one point. later on they started sending it to NA players who beat it but if you platted it shortly after release (few months after release) we weren't getting them .

TWB190d ago

The Bloodborne one is pretty mehh if I recall correctly. The Hunters Dream them sold in the store is infinitely better, if you are interested about a good and calm dynamic theme.

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Eidolon191d ago

Wow, i like the idea of getting stuff for in-game achievements(besides trophies).

Noxrest191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

They did this with Bloodborne too, tough i didn't get mine, didn't know why, maybe is USA only

SweetLeafSmoker191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

Wow... hahah way to disguise your "copycat" article with broad descriptions and titles...

this is about the Theme you get on PS4 if you Platinum the game Horizon Zero Dawn...

There was a HUGE article about this yesterday on N4G.. old news.. everyone already knows.

copycat articles try to be sneaking by making it seem like it's some huge special secret no one knows about.. hahahaha

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The story is too old to be commented.