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Full review of the new Ghost Recon Wildlands:

"The latest Ghost Recon doesn’t stray too far from typical Tom Clancy territory, with a nation overwhelmed by drug production, and an elite team of Americans sent in to save the day. Where some people may take offense though, is that the country is Bolivia, rather than some made up South American nation. It doesn’t help that the portrayal is pretty harsh, with the country shown as backwards, corrupt, and completely reliant upon the cocaine trade. It’s not helped that the Americans, despite their characters (or what little is exposed) being pretty horrific human beings are quickly seen to become heroes, vital to the revolutionary & nationalist forces that you are helping. The cartel themselves are introduced well, and the plot is more involved than I thought after the beta, but it’s hardly inspiring political intrigue."

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DefenderOfDoom2192d ago

The words used to decribe this game does not match the review score of 8.1 . After reading this review, seems more like the review score should be 6 out of 10 .