Game Of Thrones Artists Worked On Horizon Zero Dawn

Karakter is a German studio who have done a lot of design work on Game of Thrones over the years. So when it came time for Horizon Zero Dawn to be populated with gruff and furry-clothed people, Guerrilla knew exactly where to turn.

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UCForce367d ago

God ! Those concepts art looks magnificent.

Relientk77366d ago

These arts are amazing. Can Guerilla make a Game of Thrones game please

Thunder_G0d_Bane366d ago

Well I think Aloy was inspired by Jon Snow's chick Ygritte. Its fairly obvious, ginger with the bow and arrow and similar clothing style.

naBs366d ago

Idk why you got so many dislikes, but that's actually correct - They wanted a strong character where they took inspiration from Ygritte (game of thrones) and I think also Ripley or w.e from Alien.