If You're Playing Zelda, Try Fast Traveling Less

So you’ve been playing Breath of the Wild for more than a week. You’ve made some decent progress. You’ve finished some of the story and unlocked most of the map. It’s only natural that you’d start fast traveling.

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Bigpappy367d ago

That goes for any opened world game.

instantstupor366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

I'd be more inclined in this game if more of your traversal skills could be upgraded as the game went on: mainly being able to increase how fast you can climb and the ability for you to call your horse from anywhere. The former far more so than the latter though.

The traversal is interesting, but the climbing is just so...damned...slow. Cool you can go anywhere, but it gets old after the cool-factor begins to wear off and you realize a baby could crawl 30 feet on the ground faster than you could climb it. An indestructible surf-shield would be nice too...just some things to improve quality of life for traveling after you've done it for a while.

EDIT: And of course I see an article telling me now that climbing gear exists...why is this stuff so hard to find so many hours in lol...hurts that this really useful stuff can be so easy to miss, even as far into the game as I am.

Bigpappy366d ago

I would have to play it to fully appreciate your suggestions. I used to love Zelda games. That and most of the Y's series were action JRPG that weren't turn based and had wonderful progression and new upgrades to discover. I hand given up gaming just after PS1 came on the market and got back into it when Xbox and game cube came to market, but went with the Xbox when I was at work one day and notice someone watching the DOA3 trailer. I watch guys getting knocked off cliffs and the other guy jumping down to finish him off, and when in the forest their hair and the leaves on the ground were flying around realistically. I could believe that games had advanced so much.
Having said that I do like that they didn't move Zelda into a realistic, human-like body. I kind of admire Nintendo not focusing to much on resolution and delivering on fun and great gameplay. They play an important roll and I do buy their products for my children who love Nintendo as I have.

SoulMikeY366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Get all three pieces of climbing gear, level them up and you'll see a tremendous increase in climbing speed and lower stamina usage. There are 4 great fairies that do it.

Also, I love the lack of hand holding. Maybe I'm considered an "older gamer" (not old) cause I love the discovery in this game. Just walking and finding puzzles for hours. 100 hours already and not even halfway done, I love it.