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EA is the biggest game developer in the world and it holds huge sport titles under its belt such as FIFA and Madden NFL. What many might not is that EA’s reach extends to horror-action games as well. The best example is certainly the Dead Space franchise.

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PhoenixUp272d ago

Visceral Games makes a lot more than just Dead Space. Maybe they want to try something new

271d ago
zahdab271d ago

EA is the biggest development company in the world ? isn't that Activation ?

ShadowKnight271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

I think they should reboot it or wait next gen to release it

Perjoss271d ago

Hopefully its more like 1 and less like 3

SlapHappyJesus271d ago

Dead Space 3 was still a really good game. No Dead Space 2, nor the original, but still. I felt every release had its own feel to it.

Fist4achin270d ago

That is true about each game having it's own feel. However, 3 just felt a lot more like a traditional 3rd person shooter with less focus on the horror survival aspect. I think that's why a lot fans disliked 3. Maybe if it were a side story, not Isaac, it could have stood as a good story. If they do make another, I hope the weapon management system is better than the one in part 3.

annoyedgamer270d ago

Hnece why we dislike it, if we wanted to play Gears of War, we would have bought Gears of War.

SolidGear3270d ago

Agreed. But my beef with Dead Space 3 is different from others apparently. I simply didn't enjoy the RPG aspects of weapon creation. I liked the first two games in where you got a weapon, upgraded it and that was it. Everything else about the game was fine for me.

JBlaze226271d ago

We need a dead space 4, going back to formula of the original

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The story is too old to be commented.