Don't take Reviews Personally (unless you made the game)

In the increasingly hype-heavy/trailer-reaction/po sitivity-train culture of games and film coverage, the role of the review seems to be getting lost. An opinion about a piece of media can only be subjective. There will often be majority leanings but you can not scientifically say a game is fun.

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UCForce128d ago

You shouldn't have to take it seriously.

darthv72128d ago

Of course you shouldn't but people still do. That's the nature of things. To disagree is human. To justify, explain or debate the disagreement is even harder for some and next to impossible for others.

If you can separate yourself from any sort of attachment with the content in question then you are one step closer to being objective and neutral and open to the possibility of alternate views.

UCForce128d ago

We gamer suppose to be smarter than this, but now look at it. Yes, fanboy are also gamer, too. I hate gaming community sometimes.

moldybread123d ago

How many times have you seen people take reviews, especially on exclusives, personally? It happens all the time here.

OB1Biker128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

However everyone has the right to disagree and question a review. Like they say, its only an opinion but that goes both ways. The media need to stop trying make gamers feel bad for questioning them.
All is about respect and keeping it civilized.
Of course its silly to moan about a 7 but fair enough to express a disagreement.
In that case its not about taking it personally but rather expressing an opinion more for the principle.

Erik7357128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Especially when they have a ps4 and want to make their exclusive feel better to them

OB1Biker128d ago

Not sure what you mean but hey, everyone can express heir opinions.

Aenea128d ago

Yeah, that idiot reviewer that gave a PS4 game a 7/10 and then PS4 fans DDOSed his website! How stupid can they be?

Ehhh, wait a minute, that was about Zelda and Nintendo fans, my bad!

Nu128d ago

Playstation fans are becoming the PC master race console equivalents.

Woolly_128d ago

There's an underlying issue going on..

Zelda breaking the review scale makes others feel uncomfortable for some reason.
You find mostly the wrong audience in Scorpio articles..

Aenea128d ago

And a reviewer who doesn't rate Zelda as highly as they want makes them so uncomfortable that they do a DDOS attack!

moldybread128d ago

jim sterling didnt write about nintendo fans,

just sayin

fleecejohnson75128d ago

Let's cut the DDOS attack crap out, okay? Yeah, that is pretty extreme and there's really no excuse for that, but let's not act like this is the worst thing that we've ever seen and that it's so offending. I mean let's not act like there weren't death threats thrown square-enix way for Final Fantasy 13 going the Xbox. It was as well documented as this ddos attack. People have been told to kill themselves here on this very site because they reviewed a game on sony's platform poorly. Get the f*** out of here with this selective outrage and shock. I am all for calling out the crazies, but let's not be selective about what crazies we are willing to call out.

Aenea127d ago


Awwww, hit a nerve huh? Calling out the crazies is a good thing, Wooly is apparently one as well, trying to say shit about Sony fans while totally forgetting that in this particular instance the Nintendo fans behaved way worse!

The both of you sound like "but, but, they started first!!!"

bluefox755128d ago

Yeah, you'd have to be pretty insecure to DDOS a website because you disagree with the review...
Oh wait, you were talking about Sony fans...that's weird...

Pogoplay128d ago

The problem is that everyone has a different opinion on what is good and what isn't. I can sit here and tell you that I think Breath of the Wild is one of the best games made in the last decade. Do you have to agree with me? No. Do I have to agree with what the industry says? No. I simply wrote a review based on my thoughts of the game.

I take part in the media, yes, however, I have been personally attacked for some of the reviews that I have published, because some people thought that games deserved better/worse praise. It actually sickens me that people were so butthurt about Jim Sterling's review of BOTW, because, at the end of the day, that was his own goddamn opinion.

Take reviews with a grain of salt, because only you know your expectations as a gamer. These pissing contests in the community are tiring.

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