Is This the End of Exclusive Games?

Do online game streaming services mark the end of Exclusive Games as we know them? Are consumers okay with the direction the industry is going?

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PhoenixUp463d ago

You ask that in a time when we're frequently getting exclusives on every platform every few weeks?

Kingthrash360463d ago

He's one of those guys who thinks psnow will have all games on it and will be on pc. Smh.

Kribwalker463d ago

Its the start. Hell, PSnow has to be played on windows 10 and the Xbox is a windows 10 device. Maybe one day You will be able to say " Xbox, Play PSnow" 😮

naruga463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

though is not a good move from Sony ....generally they should have left gaming streaming die as it had plummeted they revitalize it eating away PS consoles potential

Liqu1d463d ago

Says it all when delusional people think PS Now will be on the Xbox.

Lenrulesdaworld463d ago

you clearly didn't listen to show at King, this is a playstation podcast which actually spoke about the opposite of what you just said.

darthv72463d ago

@kirb... what if they make this available through steam as well? Then you could have a steambox that can play xb1 games as well as stream psnow games.

bluefox755462d ago

Even if you can technically "experience" them on PC, you can never actually own the game, and the quality is significantly inferior to playing it on actual hardware. The quality takes a hit, the latency will always be worse than non-streaming, streaming is by far the worst way to play a game, especially when not done locally. I suppose it's passable if you just want to try a game, but I wouldn't recommend a game you're serious about.

Automatic79462d ago (Edited 462d ago )


You are in denial, just like many fanboys. Stop smoking that c---k and get with reality. The games are console exclusive, however, if played on PC they are multiplatform. 80% of PS4 games can be played on PC (which is not a console). For years with PSNow Sony games have stopped being exclusive. PS Now integrating PS4 games is the final nail in the coffin for you fanboys. Stop damage controlling and embrace what's apparent.

_-EDMIX-_462d ago

I would have believed that if things continue to go good for Sony regarding the PlayStation Now Endeavor but the fact that they've recently removed several devices makes me question its future.

I'm not sure they're going to be willing to put all of their top properties on that subscription service.

At least not upon release I'm not even sure what PlayStation 4 games they're going to release on that service.

I think it's likely they're going to release games that were sort of a launch games maybe two or three years out.

I think they only want to make money on this service if it doesn't conflict with any of their new releases.

HaikusfromBuddha462d ago

It will. Check out the PSNow official web page. A big selling point sony has on their is that PS exclusives are on PSNow. Now that PS4 games are coming on board it won't be surprising to see Horizon Zero Dawn on it a year from now.

Muzikguy462d ago


80% of PS4 games, really?? This is news to me

mikeslemonade462d ago

The end of exclusives happened in 2007 when Final Fantasy was multiplat also for Xbox. Now exclusives are very uncommon these days in comparison to back in the day when there were more exclusives than multiplats.

DragonDDark462d ago

@krib Sony ain't never stopping making exclusives. They make them money. Their software sell them hardware.

XanderZane462d ago

No game console platform will have all games on PC, unless someone makes an emulator and releases illegal ROM for it on the PC. Even then it's very hard to get EVERY game for that platform. Still, the fact you'll be able to play PS3 and PS4 games through your PC makes things a bit more interesting.

SpinalRemains138462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

Regardless, streaming doesn't alter the fact that the console the game runs on, is still exclusive. The games on PS Now aren't coded for different platforms. They're SONY games which you stream. They are and will always be exclusive. Built for the PS(4) from the ground up.

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TheCommentator463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

What about the dev who talked about PS5 being photorealistic at a time when Scorpio is about to be unveiled? It's just sensationalist journalism.

So the question here is: Do online game streaming services mark the end of exclusives as we know them?
And the answer: Only on PS4, because MS doesn't use game streaming for any of their services.
The real question is: Will Sony put 1st party on there and piss off their fans, or will they not put them there, and watch their service die a slow death because it has little value compared to the competition?

Liqu1d462d ago

"compared to the competition"

What competition? You even said yourself that MS don't do game streaming.

TheCommentator462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

You need help, Liqu1d. Game pass is a competitive service to PS Now, but Game Pass is not a streaming service. Not that hard if you take the blinders off of your Pony for a minute and think. You seriously act like a dog chained up in a yard, barking at every person on the other side of the fence from you. Grow up and quit taking things out of context just to start something with others.

EDIT: Using your logic, cable and satellite broadcasters aren't in competition either because they send their services to the house differently. SMH.

Edit 2: Did you not see the article about Game Pass vs. PS Now from just 7 hours ago? It's about the services being IN COMPETITION WITH EACH OTHER!!!

Sparta07462d ago

😂 @comment , you make no sense.
" So the question here is: Do online game streaming services mark the end of exclusives as we know them?
And the answer: Only on PS4, because MS doesn't use game streaming for any of their services ".........
Xboxone doesn't have any exclusives now. You can just play on your pc.
Sony on the other is "Streaming"
You still need a PS4.
Psnow will be launch ( old )PS4 games.
But you think exclusives is over for Sony? 🤔 And not Xbox 🤣.
You honestly think Sony will throw new exclusives on to psnow???😏
Horizon zero just sold 2.6 million in just two weeks. Why would they throw all that money away?
Think before you comment.

JackBNimble462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

That dev never said the ps5 would be photo realistic by the way, not once in that interview did he say that.
I think you need to read that again because you either misunderstood what he said or you are just making shit up.

TheCommentator462d ago

@ Sparta

• How do you know PS4 exclusives right now? Every game requires a PS4.
• Will streaming just the old PS4 exclusives change that? Yep. NOT every game requires a PS4.
• How do you know Xbox exclusives right now? Available on Xbox and PC.
• How will streaming Xbox exclusives change that? It won't. MS doesn't have streaming services. If they do someday, they'll stream to the same places Play Anywhere already allows Xbox games to be played. This means that streaming exclusives will not affect MS at all.

See how that works? I answered the question. Think before YOU comment.

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Corpser462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

PS Now on PC is still a Sony platform and Sony makes money on it, People don't have to buy a $300 box to play Sony games, and Sony can sell games without having to sell low margin $300 boxes, both sides are happy

462d ago
Gotcha5462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

PS Now is a heck you don't own anything...Sony should think about changing the name from PS Now to Pony Rent-A-Center.

IAmLoki462d ago

We are heading towards a future that let's you play any game on any device. MS and Sony are both jumping forward toward that goal. Nintendo might become the last platform company with exclusive games. With MS you will need a fairly expensive PC to play Xbox games, but with Sony you can buy the cheapest PC at Walmart to access PS4 first party games, thanks to the PSNOW cloud service.

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fluffydelusions463d ago

Huh? Have you seen the PS4 lineup?

HaikusfromBuddha462d ago

He's talking about how Sony just recently announced that PS4 games are coming to PSNow. Remember how N4G constantly say Xbox has no exclusives because they are on PC well get ready for Killzone Shadow Fall on PC thanks to PSNow.

Mr-Writer462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

You do know the games are streamed from PS4 hardware. So the game is still an exclusive, you are just using your PC to log into an app that access said PS4.

Still an exclusive as the game can't be played without said app that connects to the PS4.

Nice try fanboy.

462d ago
DragonDDark462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

Not the same thing at all. You buy the xb1 game on pc. You are renting the ps4 game on pc with Input lag, worse resolution & you need internet to play them for $20 a month(wtf?). Besides, you won't be getting all the games you want. Sony will just pick for you.

HaikusfromBuddha462d ago

@Writer Let me understand your logic. Me being able to play a PS4 game on a PC without needing the console finishing it and pretty much playing every single PS game without the console makes it so its still exclusive... okay. Might as well tell gamers to buy a Switch and PC because I can play PS exclusives on it.

Mr-Writer462d ago


Yes, your PC is not playing the game, it's streaming the game from a PlayStation hardware.

Without that playstation hardware you can't play that game. All you are doing is paying Sony £12.99 a month to stream the game from said PlayStation device.

Its cool that you get to do that if you wish, it's no skin off my nose, but let's not try and make this something it's not.

PC players can play PS4 exclusives that Sony put on their service if you pay them. But what happens if Now fails and Sony pull the plug?

By your logic they will be exclusive, then not, then become exclusives again if Sony shut down Now on PC.

Anyway the fact is, you're still playing on a PS4 and PS4 games but you don't own any of them.

Aenea462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

So a server emulating a PS4, running a PS4 game, then streaming it to a PC using PS Now is different from a PS4 that runs a PS4 game, then streams it to a PC using RemotePlay (which uses the same streaming tech as PS Now)???

In both cases a game is run on a 'PS4' and then streamed. Why were games up to now considered exclusives but since they announced to add them to PS Now they suddenly aren't? That's nonsense!

I have a PS4, a friend of mine has not, yet she was able to play Uncharted 4 using RemotePlay while living on the other side of the country. She could play a PS4 exclusive game without owning a PS4................

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subtenko462d ago

Yea, meanwhile xbox is on the opposite side of the firing squad

BlakHavoc463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

If you think you'll be playing PS4 exclusives using PS Now on PC, as they release, slap yourself lol. There's so many reasons that that isn't likely, but business is the most obvious reason.

Kribwalker463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

A lot of people wait to buy games. Your avg consumer does. My one buddy refuses to pay launch price for games. I'm Gonna but some right or the bat but I typically wait to play single player exclusives until they go down in price anyways. Bought the order, infamous SS and knack during the last two flash sales for $5, $8 and $5. That's pretty solid
so I'd say if I didn't have a ps4 it would be worth it to wait for psnow

BlakHavoc463d ago

Well then you're very unique lol, I think the majority like to play these games as they release or at least within the first 3 months or so. If you're patient and PS Now turns out to be what ppl hope it is, then ya it's a great benefit for PC players.

nevarDcirE463d ago

If N4G regulars don't buy every game at release, then Joe public definitely doesn't.

uth11463d ago

The majority of a games sales comes within the first week that's why so much marketing is poured into the launch, and quickly drops off

NickodemusX463d ago

Main problem with PS Now is that you won't be able to play these games in the best quality possible. Granted some people don't care about that but I think for hardcore gamers they want the best experience possible.

Jaqen_Hghar462d ago

this is like if home video had killed off movie theaters. Didn't happen

KwietStorm462d ago

Yes, a lot do, but most games sell their highest week by week average in the first month they're available before dropping off.

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BadBoyC463d ago

Even with the inclusion of PS4 games I don't think PS NOW is going to take off anytime soon. If all the great games and exclusives on PS3 didn't get it to take off then PS4 games won't either.

The only ways I could possibly see it taking off is if

1. $9.99 Netflix style pricing.

2. PS NOW tied into PS Plus subscriptions.

3. As you stated, PS4 games coming to PS NOW on release day.

However, I don't see any of the things I listed happening.. Game streaming won't be taking off anytime soon in the forseeable future.

NickodemusX463d ago

Agreed. Exactly the points some of us brought up in the Podcast.

RememberThe357462d ago

I couldn't agree with your last point more. Game streaming relies on an inconsistent and underpowered internet inforstructure, that doesn't seem to be growing (at least in the US) outside major metro areas (even here in Seattle, internet speeds range wildly from neighborhood to neighborhood and some are even stuck with only having access to DSL).

gangsta_red462d ago

"Game streaming won't be taking off anytime soon in the forseeable future."

With the inclusion of PS4 games Sony are investing a lot of time and money to make this work. Obviously they see a trend that in the foreseeable future this will be a possibility and maybe one day a standard.

There are a good number of people with good connections, especially here in the Bay and I can only imagine in other parts of the world. And that is who Sony is targeting, not the few with crappy connections.

DragonDDark462d ago

They even had RDR & it still didn't have a big boost

Aenea462d ago

$99 for 12 months is cheaper than Netflix....

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NickodemusX463d ago

I don't think that will be the case either. But I am concerned with how the industry is changing. Not a fan of game streaming or online gaming in general.

LamerTamer462d ago

If they want to play downgraded laggy versions let them. Not only can't you own anything the quality is crap with streaming. It would be an ok way of demoing something you are interested in, then buying the native version if you like it but that is about it.

DaDrunkenJester462d ago

I don't think people who will use this service care about "Owning" the game if they don't care enough to have already bought a PS4 for them. They just want to play the game and call it good. I can also see Sony upgrading the service to allow for 1080p streaming.

Honestly I see this service as a way to make a few more extra dollars from the PC crowd. Nobody is going to be selling their PS4's and going to PC for PSNow haha

Automatic79462d ago (Edited 462d ago )


Do the PS4 games on PS Now stop being exclusive after 1 month, let alone a year. If they do, please tell me where you got your bs Logic from. It doesn't matter the timing of launch games. PC players, will not have a need for PS4 or care about day one releases. They just know they can play the library of games at some point.

BlakHavoc462d ago

I should have made it clearer that I'm referring to ppl that think it'll make owning a PS4 irrelevant. No one cares if PC players want a PS4, I'm talking about PC players thinking they're getting the same deal as a PS4 owner, this isn't the play anywhere feature that Xbox is doing. If you own a PC then there truly is no reason to get an Xbox. Unless PS4 exclusives will be made ready for PS Now at launch, then there's still a major perk in owning a PS4. No matter what you say, I'm certain there are PC players that would like to play games like GoW, TLOU2, Death Stranding, Spider-Man, and Days Gone as they launch. Not 2-3 years later.

starchild462d ago

The fact is, we don't really know how Sony is going to approach things. If they hold back their games too much it's virtually guaranteed that the service will die. Sony knows this. So good economic sense says they will put their exclusives on there and they won't wait years to do it.

I don't think a lot of PC gamers will care if they have to wait on some games. With the hundreds of games released on PC each year--PC exclusives, multiplats and Microsoft exclusives--the truth is that there are already more good games than most people have time for. Waiting a while to play some Sony exclusives won't be an issue for many PC gamers and it will still be seen as preferible to having to buy a whole console just to play a handful of exclusives.

Corpser462d ago

We don't know the pricing of PS4 ps now games, what if they just costs the same as in psn store? Pay $60 to stream horizon, makes perfect business sense, and Sony can sell PS4 games without having to sell a low margin $300 box

ShadowWolf712461d ago

If you think people are gonna pay $60 to temporarily stream Horizon...

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BadBoyC463d ago

PC gamers still have way more incentive to buy a PS4 than they do an Xbox One due to the fact that

1. The PS4 exclusives won't be on PS NOW the day they release and you'll probably have to wait a year or two to play them.

2. Since the games will be streamed and won't be running natively on PC hardware the games won't be able to take advantage of the hardware on PC and with game streaming comes lower resolutions, input lag, compression, etc so unlike Microsoft's exclusives, the definitive version of all of Sony's games will still be on the PS4.

What Sony is doing is a lot different from what Microsoft is doing. I think people are over exaggerating (i'll admit that even I did when I first heard this news). Now that I put more thought into this I don't think this will hurt PS4 console sales as much as people think now. A lot of PC gamers will still buy a PS4. It won't hurt PS4 sales that much imo..

I just think it's interesting that all this time you have had people like kribwalker that have been crapping on this service, saying it sucks and mention all the issues I mentioned in my 2nd paragraph yet as soon as PS4 games get announced for it they do a complete 180 and act as if the service is great and they can't wait to get on the service. Ya'll wasn't with it before and wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole but now it's 1 of the greatest things since sliced bred nd you can't wait to use it, am I right? Lol it's pretty amusing to see how quickly people are willing to change their tune on something when it suits their agenda.

UCForce463d ago

Also, how many PS4 and PC owner use PS Now ? Not a lot to be honest. Only a few. I know why Sony didn't support it on PS3 and PS Vita.

one2thr462d ago

I own both, and I have yet to even try the PSNow free trial, nor do I have any plans on trying it. Nothing against it, its just not my cup of tea.

gangsta_red462d ago

I know plenty of PC users that play PSNow, a lot actually.

Sony didn't support it on PS3 because why would they want PS3 owners playing PS4 games?

Sony didn't support it on Vita because Sony doesn't support Vita.

TheCommentator462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

Way to move the goal post to make yourself feel better. At least they won't be there on launch day! Is that really the best you can come up with? Whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess, but at least you agree with me that PS Now sucks.

Me, I already think it's great that MS has their games on Xbox and PC, in full quality, for one purchase price, on launch day. More sales... means more revenue... to make more games... which is more or less what MS appears to be focusing on right now... and more games is what you PS fans keep rubbing in Xbox fans' faces, right? We'll see at E3 what MS has going on, but it's a lot more than just Scorpio for sure, considering MS may reveal Scorpio before E3. I'm not losing any sleep over the "no exclusives" bit, personally, because my games still play the same whether they're exclusive or not. To each their own though.

Honestly, nobody's ever said, "This game would be so much more fun if less people had access to it!" so why is this making so many people upset in the first place?

Kribwalker462d ago

It's upsetting to one fan base that now realizes consistently telling themselves and everyone else that Xbox has no exclusives now are having to backtrack since Sony is releasing their games on a MS platform

Aenea462d ago


Sony is not releasing their games on an MS platform!

(or you must have some weird definition for 'releasing')

subtenko462d ago

2. your #2 point would also point out the BS PCMR claims that some tend to go by, whether of not they are REALLY that 'leet' about graphics.

well now I just read your last statement, you are on point lol. PlayStationMasterRace!

Kribwalker462d ago

It's funny because I couldn't have cared less about this service, just as much as I couldn't care about Xbox exclusives going play anywhere. I thought play anywhere is a great thing, its PlayStation fans that consistently tell us Xbox has no exclusives because they have no reason to buy an Xbox because they are suddenly gonna buy it on their gaming PC. The same gaming pc that they have mocked for years because they weren't part of the "PC Master Race".
So, all I have done is respond in the same way Sony fans have the past year, with the fact that all Sony exclusives will now be timed exclusives because eventually it's playable on windows 10 through an app so PlayStation has no exclusives anymore. What's worse, is they are only playable on a PS4 or a MS owned platform (windows 10). So instead of staying in the same Eco system like playanywhere (it was eitheis Xbox or windows, both Ms owned platforms) it's now a PlayStation 4 game has to be played on a Sony or MS platform

Aenea462d ago

Isn't PS Now also on OSX and older versions of Windows?????

And you're basically saying that you're being troll'ish 'cos "they started it"? Mature...

Kribwalker462d ago


It states on the PSblog only windows PC.
And your other point, people been trolling MS exclusives for the last year after play anywhere, and now goalpost are moving, im not allowed to point that out?

Corpser462d ago

But the good thing about a streaming service is you don't need a powerful pc, have a cheap laptop and a controller and you can steam PS4 games

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