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FGE - Such a strange package Horizon: Zero Dawn is: controls and graphics as polished as glass, yet with story and gameplay conventions that are as shallow and transparent as, again, glass, openly reflecting concepts and ideas most of us have seen before. The game features mechanical dinosaurs—a novel concept—set in a post-apocalyptic world—a concept done to death—with a female protagonist for a huge blockbuster IP—which is relatively fresh—who is thrust into a sprawling world on a journey that feels like too many other open world games bunched into one. Without a doubt, Horizon: Zero Dawn is a joy to play.

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mad-dog636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

Good review. But one thing i disagree with: The story.... Did you not talk to people or read the fragments of info (data files and such) you find in the world? For a game i'd say the story is very well done and very deep if you take in all the information. If you don't know the story (and thanx for not spoiling it) they will constantly feed you with little clues, leading up to bigger reveals. I was constantly interested while normally, i have zero patience and click through these conversations (i'll admit i did so in some conversations here too ;P).

But yes, plays like a dream and looks like a dream. Very addictive game. For me one of the best games in recent years actually.

Aenea635d ago

Yeah I agree, also don't get why the reviewer seemed to enjoy at least parts of the story but at the same time calling it shallow...

Aenea635d ago

What! Only an 8? Bring out the pitchforks and DDOS tools! /s

Am okay with a reviewer giving his/her opinion, I don't mind that, I also agree with most of what he says, but I do find it odd to say he grew attached to her already as a child, wanting to know more, etc. and then still says the story is shallow! I get he expected more, that's ok, but how he writes the Story part of the review sounds that there were also quite a few things he liked about the story all the while saying it's as shallow as glass at the beginning which seems kinda contradicting each other....