Horizon Zero Dawn: Aloy Cosplay Compilation

Good reception often comes with good cosplay, before Horizon Zero Dawn has released, main character Aloy has already captured our imaginations all over the globe, inspiring gamers of fan art and some incredible handmade garb. So since the game has received some more than average review we’ve gathered up some of the best cosplay for aloy …

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AcidDvl366d ago

WTF is this? Please take this down, this isn't news....

366d ago
Silly Mammo364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Yes! Because articles on video game-based cosplay is taking up valuable space from yet another important opinion piece about "Why someone isn't going to buy X game or console" and "Which console you should buy for Easter?"

meka2611366d ago

They look good except for the hair, even in game I think Aloy's hair is just weird looking. Reminds me of the old beehive, haircuts.

feraldrgn366d ago

luckystrikecosplay looks great.

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