Nier Automata Director: Not Enough Budget For Meaningful DLC; Drakengard Collection Possible

The Nier Automata director Yoko Taro recently revealed that he doesn't have enough money and manpower to produce meaningful DLC for the game

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DanteVFenris666463d ago

Sad games like t his don't sell better. This game I'm more looking forward to play than potentially nioh and horizon. Once I'm done school I'll be able to get to all three of those

CrimsonWing69463d ago

Yea, it sucks these games don't draw in a larger audience. I mean yes, they are niche, but man if you can really get into it they're really fantastic games. Drakengard 3 I'd say is more of an acquired taste, personally I only like the narrative and some of the "star fox 64" kind of on-rails shooter gameplay.

Nier though has always had this odd mashup of genres that was pretty refreshing for me even if there was a huge lack of polish. Like to me it feels like a Swery65 game where you can sense the passion but also notice the budget the devs were working with.

mastiffchild462d ago

Certainly, last time out you could literally see where they ran out of cash. Things in the game would be a huge set piece, tons on screen, a massive boss battle and if the emptiest dungeons ever! Luckily it worked for a unique feeling game and.made it a more emotional ride but what could it, and maybe Cavia, have been with more cash?

Looking forward to starting this one and not too sad at no DLC. Theres plenty in the game guys. Just hope.any sequel, spiritual or literal ar plausible with de ent sales. The reviews would suggest its possible but with HZD and the same time its a tough month or so to compete.