For Honor Ban Wave Hits 1500 Players for AFK Farming

With 4000 more to come, Ubisoft is serious about stopping one of For Honor's most annoying practices.

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meka2611402d ago

Well there goes most of the For Honor player base lol.

TXIDarkAvenger402d ago

Most people left already cause the online servers are garbage. Now this game is definitely going to die.

meka2611402d ago

Most definitely. Which really sucks because the game had a lot of potential, something that has never been done before, but damn those ubisoft servers are horrible.

Kokyu402d ago

They were told about this during beta testing. They even specifically asked us after the secession how annoying it was to be out geared and numbered. This game had such potential.

Goldeneye007402d ago

Good, kind of... On one hand, I hate those "players" that don't contribute to the game, but banning them seems a bit much. Why not just add an idle kick mechanic to boot them from the server?

Unoriginalplayer402d ago

Technically they aren't idle. I think that is the problem. They are probably taking notice when people report cheating and grieving and seeing when people play multiple matches with 0s across the board each game.

Goldeneye007402d ago

I don't understand how they aren't "technically" idle when I see them just standing there not moving, but you DO raise a valid, good point: how the overlords in charge of banning people would take notice of the 0's across the scoreboard for consecutive matches. I guess you could wrap a rubber band around both sticks to pull them towards each other to get around an idle kick, though. You'd look like an idiot (lol) but it would get the job done.

Touché, good sir, touché.

S-Word402d ago

No farming allowed in this pay-to-win game.

Goldeneye007402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

It's definitely NOT a pay to win game. There is an option to buy items but you can also obtain them by doing what is traditionally done... playing the game. I've got maxed out armor and weapon stats for one of my characters and I earned every bit of it.

When the game was still in the first week after launch, I'd see people who bought all their items with maxed out stats. I knew there was no way they could have earned it all-- not enough time had passed since the game's release for them to have it all that fast. And the funniest thing was, they were garbage lol! They dumped all this extra cash into the game and it didn't even help them one bit. My friends and I just laughed our asses off at those dopes lol!

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