NieR: Automata Is Too Clever For The Financial Post

Nier: Automata exemplifies what is wrong with mainstream gaming media. Although Automata‘s reception has been startlingly positive from both critics and consumers, there are a scant few individuals that missed the point of Nier: Automata and as such, their overal impression of the game is less than positive.

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Aenea366d ago

Ehmmm, I'm sorry, but the reviewer played the game until the end and formed an opinion about it, I don't see anything in this opinion piece that gives me reasons to assume the reviewer did a bad job. It's an opinion, that's it.

As for me, I find it utterly weird that a game needs 3 playthroughs to get whole story! I'm not sure I even want to do that (it's arriving tomorrow), or at least not in one go. I can get bored easily so seeing the same stuff over and over again but just with a new character is not gonna help me with that. If they wanted to introduce 3 playable characters they should have chopped up the game in 3 parts and do it like that, this way seems weird to me. Or it's done to make another playthrough more enjoyable and extend the game's worth, fine too of course but that would mean the other 2 playthroughs aren't needed.

Hmmm, will see once I play it...

gundamtanaka366d ago

The game has multiple scenarios with different gameplay mechanics and story content. That's explicitly stated when you complete scenario A.

Aenea366d ago

Still slightly odd tho and I can fully understand someone not always wanting to play the same game again, different mechanics, characters and some different content or not....

Darkwatchman366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

When you play the game yourself, it makes perfect sense how it all fits together. It's more than a simple "play the same game again and again to learn more".

The second story route may be the same main story as the first, but the new character along with constant added story scenes throughout thanks to the additional perspective make you sit back and reflect on stuff you thought you knew. It's incredibly poignant. It also acts as a new game plus so literally all character progression and completed side quests carry over into the second playthrough so it's really much less tedious than you would think....and the third playthrough is literally an entirely new game. Nothing to do with the first two story routes. Takes place after both of them and is a completely fresh experience. Reviewing Nier: Automata without having experienced that third story route is completely unprofessional. It is absolutely integral to the narrative structure and overall design of the game.

It's something that when you play it and it all wraps up, it makes perfect sense and you start to realize that a review of only story route A is not indicative of the overall title at all. That's what makes Nier so special. It's not half-assed like a lot of other games that tout multiple endings, but it's mostly the same exact game with a different cutscene at the end. It's really a new experience completely.

And once you beat the third playthrough, the game unlocks a chapter select allowing you to pick any story chapter from the beginning of story route A to the end of route c. There's also endings D and E which you can acquire by using chapter select to choose different options during the final section to get the last 2 endings. Those do flesh it out a bit more, but I don't think are required for a proper review. Ending C is when the game feels like it's complete and reviewing it before then is just not right.

Goldby365d ago

forming an opinion on this game after only the first oplaythrough is like reviewing MGSV after the you beat sahelanthropus. there is still more to the story

mastiffchild365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

I wouldnt risk reviewing Nier Automata without having played, or at very least watched the previous game and its endings. The interesting approach to new game plus and alternate plays though prepares you for the new game, lets you know what youre getting into.

Im a bit on the fence here, though, because if the reviewer felt the game was too dull to carry on then you might argue thats reasonable-if it had gripped me id have fonished.but it didnt could be legit criticism. I wouldn't do it myself having learned that many of the best things come to those with patience but its an argument.

That hes reviewing an incomplete story, though, shows a lack of respect to any reader he has with more patience than him. Had he played the last game,hed have understood I feel.

366d ago