Sony, Microsoft Bringing Their Games To PC Is Good For Gaming

As Sony pushes PS4 Games onto PlayStation Now and Microsoft extends Play Anywhere to Windows 10, these moves are beneficial to both parties.

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PhoenixUp312d ago

It's more that Sony has a streaming service on PC and soon Mac than them actually putting their games on that platform

black0o312d ago

PSnow is becoming like netflix it's everywhere, and i do agree with u sir

Timesplitter14312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

For me, this really doesn't count as "PS4 exclusives being on PC"

Even though I always try to be as open-minded as possible, I really have a hard time thinking game streaming is a good idea. I can't really imagine a streamed game ever running at a smooth 120 fps with frame-perfect input handling and native image quality. I'd rather just have them release their games as standalone on PC as well as PS4

Unlike video streaming, game streaming is too flawed

S2Killinit312d ago

As we go streaming will become better and better. The question is: what is going to happen to consoles once they become less relevant because of these alternatives. I realize that Sony isnt actually putting all of their games on PSNow but Microsoft IS. Eventually Sony will need to follow suit to compete if MS's business model pays off. I want console gaming to remain console gaming. I love consoles. So these news is not really welcome by me personally.

darthv72312d ago

Good for the PC only player as they would have options to enjoy xbox and ps games on one platform.

Me, I dabbled in Pc gaming but I have been a console gamer since pong so that is where my heart lies. Thankfully these services do not detract from my being able to enjoy the games on their respected consoles. If anything it just opens the door for more option to those who have been waiting for such things.

Having options is never a bad thing in my book.

ImGumbyDammit312d ago

PSNow used to be everywhere now just PS4 and PCs'. It is has been terminated on everything else, no more PS3, no more PSVita, no more tablets, no more smart TV's, BluRay players, etc... So not exactly the same as Netflix's idea of being everywhere.

bluefox755312d ago

@Timesplitter14 It does kind of suck compared to the real versions, there is often a graphical reduction because of the compression of the video. There is definite latency even with a fast connection (albeit minor), so I guess a slow paced game would be kinda okay, but then you never really own the game either. Also, if you have a decent sound system, you'll notice the sound is not as good either. Streaming is probably the least ideal way to play a game, but I guess it's passable if you just want to try a game.

ULTp0ltergeist312d ago

all they need to do now is provide downloading, also like netflix?

ABizzel1312d ago


It is the same thing, expect with Xbox exclusives you own them on PC as part of your library.

Meanwhile PS exclusives you can only stream them, and more than likely select games at that until Sony moves on to the PS5, and adds more PS4 games to the library.

Same concept, different methods of delivery and different degrees of library access. PSNow is more geared towards PS3 games, but it has a huge amount of potential if Sony gets off their butts and turn it into Netflix for gaming, and get the pricing down to $15/mo. The majority of gamers will watch a single ad as long as it's gaming related while they wait for their game stream to start since it takes about 2 minutes anyway.

darthv72312d ago

@abizz "The majority of gamers will watch a single ad as long as it's gaming related" I was thinking the same thing only the ads could simply be Sony related instead of just gaming specifically. So trailers for some of their movies or tv shows would work as well as ones for games not available on the streaming service.

you know... a way to entice that streaming customer that there are other options outside of streaming.

Mr-Writer312d ago (Edited 312d ago )


But why does performance matter when you're not that bothered enough about the game?

You wouldn't buy the game on PC as it clearly doesn't interest you enough to buy the console the game is on?

PS4 games on Now isn't about having PS games on PC, it's about giving PC gamers a taste of what's on PS and trying to get you to buy their console and into their eco system.

Same as MS, they don't want you gaming on Steam, or GOG, or what ever other PC client out there, they want you either gaming on Xbox or the Xbox PC client, they ain't gonna do that without games.

The difference is Sony have no steak in PC, so they will either try and get you to sub and hope it leads to a PS4 purchase, or a long term Now sub.

Unspoken311d ago

Sony would have to go the "App Store" route or a game client. I'd pay full price for digital copies of PS4 games to play on PC, just as I do for UWP games.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

"Sony, Microsoft Bringing Their Games To PC Is Good For Gaming"

You mean good for PC gamers? Giving your exclusives to competition defeats the purpose of buying a specific console.

ILostMyMind312d ago

Sony is not bringing their exclusives to PC.

psychometer312d ago

" Giving your exclusives to competition defeats the purpose of buying a specific console."

Not really, unless if you prefer paying more with a subscription every month just to play those games. More than 59.99$ if you count the months you'll be paying the service -- and one note is that: "streaming", not actually downloading the game to play it on your hardware.

Sony is taking advantage of their service and offers it to PC players -- which in return, Sony benefits it more even if you buy a PS4 or not.

Septic312d ago

Is PC the PS's competition?

Do you mean Windows ala MS?

TruM0607312d ago

Than what is Sony bringing to pc multiplats that are already on pc?

Clunkyd312d ago

Let's be real here, PS NOW is going to fail. This is just their last swing.

Video Compression, 30fps/720p, lag, stable internet connection, streaming artifacts, old ps4 games (most likely), $20/m, rental service only.


Death312d ago


I'm not sure I believe keeping games from PC is keeping them exclusive. I see less of a difference with Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Xbox One then Sony fans do. If you are a fan of Microsoft you probably already have a PC for gaming as well as an Xbox. There was a synergy with Microsoft and Windows 7 that allowed Xbox 360's to work as Media Extenders. Much of that flowed through to Windows 10 and Xbox One. Having the ability to buy a game once and play it on Windows 10 PC and Xbox One with shared saves is a natural extension much like PS3/4 and Vita was. Not to mention we have had the ability to stream Xbox One games to Windows 10 PC's for quite some time already. The two were designed to work together. If you are a die hard Playstation fan and decide to play these Xbox One games on your killer gaming rig, Microsoft didn't "lose" an exclusive, they gained an Xbox gamer.

This same logic applies to Playstation and PC. If PC gamers are streaming PS3/4 games on their PC's, they are now Playstation gamers as well. You have to also understand that gamers that spend thousands on PC gaming rigs aren't competition to consoles. This is an expansion to the console market, not a replacement. These aren't gamers on the fence between a $300 console or a $2000 gaming rig. That's why the entire argument with Sony dominating VR is BS. They are dominating VR on console only since they aren't in direct competition with PC.

OB1Biker312d ago

I agree but it's still not the same thing as the games running directly on PC. On the one hand the games are developed and optimised for the console only. On the other hand it's unlikely that all games will be on PSnow, and probably not recent ones.
However if it's not a worry on short term I feel a bit worried for the long term if it's successful. I just want Sony to have a strong identity on console to keep making it awesome to be a console gamer and not just an option in the future.

DarXyde312d ago

Not really. It's similar to Plus where, once you stop paying, you lose your games. You don't own it, and accordingly has no value to you beyond the experience. It cannot be sold, shared, etc.

You CAN play games on PC without a PS4, but I see it this way:

Remember the whole Bloodborne fiasco where PC gamers felt entitled to it because From Software have them Dark Souls, not even acknowledging Sony helped develop and publish it? Well, now they can play it to, but not without throwing money into Sony's controlled coffers. They cannot mod it or play it with any improvements since, you know, it's streamed.

Also, Sony makes money from streamers, they can funnel that into more it's not a real loss. Now, the PS4/PC games going forward might just be PS4 exclusive with PC streaming. The result? Games are better optimized on PS4. It's basically a return to PS2 level console exclusives, if they want it that way. It's making smart business sense of purchasing Gaikai.

So, to me, this really isn't a loss. If it means Sony has more money to make great games. As long as Playstation remains a platform and not exclusively a service, I hardly consider this bad, if at all.

freshslicepizza312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

one day the loyal console fans will see the bigger picture. and let's just see how long they would survive with just exclusives. maybe games like call of duty, witcher, fallout, and many others should have just stayed on the computer. i blame the console gamers for watering down games like call of duty.

look at how many third person agmes we see now where you can see everything. it's to cater to the more casual gamer. hide behind a wall and you can see them but they can't see you.

sampson3121311d ago

if sony puts new games on pc i will never buy another console again, well maybe id sega comes in to make exclusives. that would be very cool

Corpser311d ago

Both are doing it to make more money, they are not doing it "for gaming", they figured the additional revenue gained on pc side more than offsets the potential losses on console side.

343_Guilty_Spark311d ago

Think about what you just said.

Buying a $400 device to buy exclusives.

Honestly it doesn't make any sense in today's world.

MagicBeanz311d ago

I still dont get why people cant see this. Consoles live and die largely by their exclusive game library, when you essentially cease to have one then your console has effectively lost all relevance, I'm sure most of the counter point arguments are just to defend a purchase but honestly its pretty cut and dry..

Imalwaysright311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Or maybe this a new stream of revenue that will help Sony make more games in the future.

Dragonscale311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

@infected, spot on. No need to worry sony understand this too. Makes their console more desirable. Especially now with all the great exclusives now on PS4.

Edit, also saves on development costs as devs only have to concentrate on 1 version.

@death, thats some serious fud. Of course sony are in competition with pc, hence the exclusives. And of course psvr is in competition with the other 2 in the vr market fgs.

Talk about deflection lol.

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game4funz312d ago

Regardless...that means if all exlusives go there then you dont need either console and can just get a pc.

BadBoyC312d ago

I just find it odd that Sony would do this so soon. Sony has stated that they were competing against the PC gaming market yet they are doing this and devaluing their console by allowing PC gamers to play it's games and exlusives. Is that how you compete against the PC market? By giving PC gamers less incentives to purchase a PS4? Makes total sense..

Outside_ofthe_Box312d ago

Not only does it give less incentive to buy a PS4 it also gives people more incentive to give PC gaming a try at the very least.

I know streaming games isn't the most ideal way to game especially for the PC crowd that want to play games at the most optimal and I know Sony isn't putting new titles on there right away, but it is a sign that they'll go the MS route eventually.

BadBoyC312d ago


Yup unfortunately I think they will go the same route Microsoft is going as well. I wouldn't even be surprised if Sony started actually releasing their first party exclusives on the PC in the next 2 or 3 years. This move is just the first of many steps towards the door of Sony devoloping games for PC. I hate to say this as an og fan since the 90's but this move also shows me that Sony doesn't really care if console gaming succeeds anymore. Just like Microsoft, they don't really care about console gaming as long as they turn a profit.

Sunny_D312d ago

The thing is Sony didn't say what games will be available on PS Now. For all you know they could all be multiplatform games. don't expect horizon or blood-borne to be on it.

NoPeace_Walker311d ago

sunny D, If you look at the current PS3 games on PS Now, Sony published titles made up the majority of it. Same will happen to PS4 games on Now. The reason why is Sony don't have to make deals to get their own contents on the service. You can take that to the bank.

Corpser311d ago

Because sony make money from pc gamers subscribing to ps now, they care much more about profits than number of consoles (which are very low margin) sold

ginsunuva311d ago

Why would Sony care if someone buys a Ps4 or just buys the games directly?
The only purpose of consoles is to lock down the games to their hardware so they can profit directly.

Now with PsNow, it's still locked to their service and they profit directly, without having to sell a console to a user first, which creates a customer obstacle and is a loss for Sony anyway (console are sold at losses).

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its_JEFF312d ago

Whaaaat? coming to Mac as well?!?! that's news to be brother, good news! If they allow you to STREAM games, you already own, to a Mac or PC... that'll allow me to pick up my game at the office!!!

Nu311d ago

Nintendo needs to copy both the giants that are Microsoft and Sony

311d ago
Thunder_G0d_Bane311d ago

Street Fighter 5, Ps4/PC, same with Ni No Kuni 2 and Nier Automata. so Ps4 exclusives are also going on PC.

jrshankill311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

If I can play a PS4 game on a PC without needing a PS4, then the game isn't exclusive to the PS4.

Spin it whatever way you want, but you will not need a PS4 to play PS4 games.

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KionicWarlord222312d ago

Welcome to the family playstation fans.

Group hug.

RhymeNorReason311d ago

Bet you didn't call the Sony fanboys out when they said worse things than that when MS started bringing their games to PC. Hypocrite.

Ceaser9857361311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

"Bet you didn't call the Sony fanboys out when they said worse things than that when MS started bringing their games to PC. Hypocrite."

Lmao! It was more like MS fanboys got butt hurt when play anywhere was annouced. The sole purpose of owing the Xbox was gone. When QBreak got announced on PC. Twitter was flooded with hate. Talk about Double standard.

Oh! Sony fanboys were laughing and enjoying then.

Dragonscale311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

@rhyme, hurrah so glad ms are releasing all their games on pc. Whoopee. Xbone is now irrelevant lol.

Sparta07312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

No not going to happen.😉
We still get " True Exclusives "
You guys don't. Sony is talking about streaming old PS4 games.
Keep dreaming. Sony is making too much money on software. They know the value of Exclusives.🤗
To play the games you still need a PS4🤣

sd11311d ago

Based on your logic wouldn't it be " we still get true timed exclusives". Because every game becomes an old game at some point.

mcstorm311d ago

Tbh it dose not really matter pc will get the games to. It dose lead to the question of how long will a console be around for going forward.

For me i love having different consoles ect but that said if devices like the nvidia sheild can get this app and Microsoft also bring a version to it could be a case of buy a box from who ever Sony Microsoft Nintendo nvidia or more and play all the games on it. Cost would then come into play though £10 a month for the big 3 but then what about ea, square, and more this is where I see an issue with streaming games.

Interesting time though.

agent4532311d ago

What about a tv app of PSN/Xbox Live without a box. That would be awesome

trooper_311d ago

Yeah, you wait for those games. You don't even know what games are being offered! Lol!

andrewsquall311d ago

Lol more like welcome to OUR family PC fan now that you will be able to stream games off a PS4 just like you can currently stream games to your PC from a PS3 console, for a fee of course. Probably no HDR for you either though.

Dragonscale311d ago

@kio, wishful thinking. Thats actually quite amusing lol.

Not gonna happen though. As if sony would let people buy PlayStation games without the console. Dream on.

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Vasto312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

I will be getting Game Pass.

MVGeneral312d ago

As long as these services don't detract from my playstation experience. I'm fine with that. Also I like controllers better than mouse and keyboard. Sofa>desk and chair.

RhymeNorReason311d ago

DS4 and XB1 controller work in LC. HDMI cable to TV = play in couch. Excuses = damage control.

thexmanone311d ago

I play my pc games on my 55" oled tv on the coach with my controller. Just depends on your setup.

agent4532311d ago

You can play on a sofa & a gamepad on PC 😎 Is not the nineties anymore .

Deep-throat312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Good? No, it's great.

Making your game available on your console and PC = less bombas

Ask Sony about Gravity Rush 2 sales figure.

2pacalypsenow312d ago

The PS4 games are streamed, you don't actually install it on PC. It wont add to the game sales numbers.

ThatGuyDart312d ago

Thank you for pointing out how stupid his comment was lol

Where do these guys come from?

LP-Eleven312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

You may need to scream this, as it's obvious many people aren't understanding the difference.

* NEWSFLASH * You still need a PS4 to play the games! Not the same as UWP. And for people who call this "good for gaming", so you WANT everything on PC so the consoles' purpose dwindles? I see. Totally good for gaming!

Kribwalker312d ago

You don't need a PS4. It is streamed through gaikai

Aenea312d ago


Or thru OnLive 😉

And about needing a PS4, well, the servers are mimicking to be a PS4, see it as a sort of an emulator that streams it's video to a client. Which means the game is still running on PS4, not natively on people's PC's....

RhymeNorReason311d ago

It will kind of. If millions of people subscribe to PSNow just for a specific game, the figures and results will show which games are being streamed the most. Hence studios will receive bigger cuts. Hence more sequels and potential "sales." But not in true sale-through numbers, of course.

andrewsquall311d ago

@2pacalypsenow Haha bet he never thought of that.

WhoCaresWhatMyNameIs311d ago

Xbox GamePass is the same as PSnow where it don't add to sales what was your point? To boost Sony here with your agenda?

What Deep-Throat is saying is Gravity Rush 2 sales aren't the best. So more exposure by going on PSNow will give it more attention and more sales...Jesus you and 56 other people have thick skulls...