Inclusivity in Overwatch Continues to Improve

Blizzard clearly understands that inclusivity in Overwatch must not be a once-and-done attempt, but rather an ongoing commitment.

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garyanderson104d ago

I wonder at what point are they simply pandering?

annoyedgamer104d ago

Just look at the website logo and everything becomes clear.

bluefox755104d ago

They're obviously pandering lol.

ThatGuyDart104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Inclusivity just for pandering sake is stupid IMO.

Stuff like this just makes me appreciate game devs likes CD Projekt Red or Platinum Games. Quality/Vision >>>>Pandering.

annoyedgamer104d ago

CD Project Red has to be one of my favorite developers of all time.

DaigotheKing104d ago

I am so sick of this shit.