Final Fantasy XV Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari Talks Future DLC And Chapter 13

Final Fantasy XV‘s notorious Chapter 13 will see some changes this month. Along with balancing adjustments, the team at Square Enix has been at work on a number of other enhancements based on user feedback.

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370d ago
Derceto370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Nice. Another game that is half on disc, half on some server somewhere that will be lost someday to internet address changes, or just downright dropped from support.

Changing friggen chapters in the finished game? Nah, this thing wasn't too half a**ed or anything. Love that modern gaming.

Chaosdreams370d ago

There's no "half on some server" issue. Once you update your game, you're all set. (Unless you remove it, & one day it disappears / unlikely).

Is this the best approach they could have taken? No, but it's certainly far better than them doing nothing. So at this point, why are you complaining? They are going to continue their approach of free updates + their dlc plan. If you dislike the product that was delivered, that's completely understandable, many people feel the game was incomplete, myself included.

But I don't see the logic in whining about future content, especially free updates that fix the problems we have with the game itself?

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