Multiplayer-Only Games are a Risky Investment

A critical look into why multiplayer-only titles are the riskiest investments for both a studio and the consumer.

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247d ago
boomtube1987247d ago

no they are not risky. CoD doesn't need SP. Its the reason why CoD is struggling.

Goldby247d ago

but they are risky, look a Evolve, and For honor,
Ubisoft just banned 1500 with 3000 more to come, with an already small playerbase, lack of content and overall repetative gameplay online only mp focused games are a 1 hit for every 99 miss

boomtube1987247d ago

no more risky than SP games. Take for example CoD. 95% of CoD players dont play SP part. Franchises need to take risks but franchises also need to settle.and focus on its strength. Think ehat CoD can become if they spen 3 years on MP only. Im hopeful that this is good thing we shall see SP focused games and MP games focused games as separate. Its ridiculous CoD guys have to spend £45€60 on 12 maps. Most even dont touch lousy SP that is filled with dumb bots

Goldby246d ago

its also ridiculous that some people have to spend 70$ on a cod for a half baked SP campaign when they dont even touch the MP.

im sorry to say but if you look forward to millisecond lives and dying before you even know where you are on a map, COD MP is for you, alot of us games dont have the same... enjoyment out of that that some people do, but does that mena Activision should ignore the part of their community that looks forwards to Co-op/zombies and SP? no.

safe to say, any SP or MP focus games has its risks, alot more than a game with both in it. for SP games that risk is the shelf life of the game, you beat it once, whats the point of going back? MP focused games end up being repetative due to Meta's and player effeciency

stanr246d ago

You do make a point regarding games like Call of Duty but you fail to put into account not all games have a strong multiplayer community or can't really work as a multiplayer feature. For example Capcom has tried for so long to push multiplayer in Resident Evil and, with the acceptation of Outbreak, it has failed. Also while many games like The Last of Us and Spec Ops: The Line do have multiplayer, they are more well known for the single player campaign. Finally with all the competition its hard for new brands to enter the market unless they are backed by a respected publisher (like Blizzard) while players will be hesitant to invest their money into it..