Mass Effect: Andromeda Gay Romance ‘Frustration’ Addressed by Dev

“@Tovarisc_ @transfenris You know, you have a point, and I know that's frustrating. Let me see what I can do”

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Fishy Fingers465d ago

We just linking directly to twitter now? As someone who doesn't use it I have no idea what the original question was etc.

I've said it before, but if I wanted to read tweets I'd use twitter.

Kokyu465d ago

Some one asked if there were confirmed gay romantic. He said yes the twitter follower then asked if he could confirm which characters were available, Flynn replied he couldnt comment. They then begin to cry about how when had seen two straight romance in trailers, why havent we seen gay one? He then said he would look into it, which is PR speak for well too bad.

Fishy Fingers465d ago

Ahh thank you. So whole fuss about nothing really then.

donthate464d ago

All you have to do is scroll a little further up to see the entire tweet history that answers your question straight from the source, instead of poorly rehashed by an amateur site.

dohji465d ago

If they are gonna do something about it I hope it's a patch. They better not delay the game just to add Gay romances...

ClayRules2012465d ago

Yeah, that'd be pretty silly to delay the game to add Gay romances, when the previous games had them from the start.

MillyMike465d ago

LOL, not even close to the story.

They're talking about trailers and what is in trailers.

Zarock465d ago (Edited 465d ago )

I hope gay romance becomes a free dlc for people who are Into It, Instead of having It shoved down my throat while I play my game.

InMyOpinion465d ago

No one's forcing you to play the game. If you have that big issues with gay people you should sort that out instead.

ClayRules2012465d ago

Lol, your kidding right?

It shouldn't be DLC. If you don't want to deal with gay romances, than Don't romance anyone of the same sex, bud.

TheCommentator464d ago

What exactly is getting shoved down your throat... a gay romance? Interesting...

donthate464d ago (Edited 464d ago )

You kind of have to pursue it, so nobody is shoving it down your throat. That said, I'm sure gay people feel the opposite, that heterosexual romances is being shoved down their throat while playing.

rainslacker464d ago

You aren't forced to pursue the gay romance. Any more than you're forced to pursue the heterosexual one's available.

They're present in both forms, so the problem would be that they are forcing all romance down your throat, which they aren't, since it's an option.

Zarock464d ago (Edited 464d ago )

I am with the straight majority, my money and feelings are just as Important, I have the right to complain just as gay people do.

TheCommentator464d ago

Yes, but others already pointed out that you have to pursue it. FYI, that means it is optional... and not forced. You have a right to complain, but not about something that you know isn't true.

If you were right about things, I would 100% agree with your second post.

Calither463d ago

The only way to get a gay romance in their games is to literally go looking for it. If it feels like you're having it shoved down your throat maybe you're looking for romance in the wrong places.

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PGRfox465d ago

Wow, people are so entitled. Lets make sure we can have gays, trans, bisexuals, minorities, and soon Muslims in EVERY single game from now on.

MyDietEqualsGames465d ago

Simple. We're not making the game and have no right to infringe on their vision for the sake of inclusion. If there is gay romance, so be it. That's totally fine. It is what is it is. Simple as that.

thekhurg465d ago

Cause it's stupid and pointless to just throw stuff in games for no reason other than forced diversity.

bluefox755465d ago

Because it's being done for the wrong reasons and the end result is a sh*t game.

MillyMike465d ago

Ah, but having hetero relationships in all games and then crying when anything else is included isn't entitled....... sure, sure

PFFT465d ago (Edited 465d ago )

Cause its Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. lol kidding people can live love and be whoever they want to be. Besides all type of relationships can be avoided and wont be a bother. The only way you can stumble in said relationships is only if you go out looking for them. I for one am hoping i can find another alien chick like Tali to bang. I loved Tali she was my grilll. I miss my tali :(........ Where are you my Tali?!?!?!?!

Goldby465d ago


If you are going off off that, hows being in relationships with one of your distant cousins,

and as Jim Jefferies said, for the amount of incest that would have to happen to populate the world from Adam and Eve, there are very few mentally challenged peopl

ger2396465d ago

Well since LGBT makes up only about 4% of the population, yea there should be more heterosexual relationships. It's simple math, not entitlement. Better yet why don't they make a full on LGBT game, and promote it as such?

DragonKnight464d ago

Actually I think you'll find that us straight folks don't care about romance in general in the games either. If it's there, cool. If it works well with the game, great. If it's not there, where do you see us clamoring for it? I want you to find one single comment on any Andromeda trailer you can find where someone is excited about there being hetero relationships in the game.

We seriously don't care. We begin to care when you try to single something out as "special" and necessary to show for some lame reason like "feelings." Feelings that shouldn't be attributed to fiction, especially when it has literally no bearing on anything in the game at all. Games with romances never actually give you anything for engaging in the romance. Hell, I think Skyrim is the only recent game that does and the most you get is a follower and 100 Gold every now and then. Yay.

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yeahright2465d ago

I don't think they were pushing for gay characters to be included (they're already in there) They just wanted to know which characters were the homosexual ones.
Honestly, I don't get it. Story driven games like this I tend to avoid as many details as I can except for setting and premise.

KingIceSonic465d ago

When game developers add big breasts and revealing clothes to get sales then its fine

When game developers add gay characters its not fine

Seems like people love to receive but get annoyed when others receive too

ERFO464d ago (Edited 464d ago )

Sad how many upvotes this got. Inclusion causes MORE people to relate which in turn allows MORE of us to be moved by the same piece of art. Together. That's beautiful. Why wouldn't you want that?

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