The Legend of Zelda: Why It's Time to Forgive Skyward Sword

Take a moment to step away from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and reevaluate one of Link's most controversial adventures.

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SCW1982617d ago

I will never forgive, worst mainline Zelda period!

Erik7357616d ago

It was still a good yea sorry it wasn't AMAZING but its like saying a gta game in the gta franchise is bad.

There all well made and pretty good

PhoenixUp617d ago

How would Skyward Sword even be ported to other platforms

EddieNX 617d ago

I really enjoyed Skyward Sword. I hope they find a way to remaster it on Switch! The motion controlls were amazing and that last boss ....

Last_Boss616d ago

You can't white out words etched in stone.

Darkfist_Flames616d ago

after the disappointing flying gameplay, and annoying motion controlls, No, twilight princess is still the best main zelda game for me..