Gamers Are Trying To Hold The Future Of Gaming Back

Gamers tend to oppose efforts to make video games more accessible to all.

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mikeslemonade274d ago

Gamers hold back cause they are cheap and keep playing mobile and handhelds. Should focus buy strong hardware, vr, and higher resolution.

indysurfn274d ago

the article claims: ""The difference between Sony making their games available outside of their console and Microsoft doing the exact same thing is that gamers will mostly accept when Sony does it."".

When did Sony take the majority of there AAA first party titles and make it availible on PC? Mobil? Thought now. Sony keeps us with a reason to buy the console.

MVGeneral274d ago

Sony is making playstation now available on pc and adding ps4 games to its library.

I own a ps4 and I don't care. If more people play the games. The more reasons developers would create unique and different games. I want Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to join forces and release a single platform. I'll gladly play a premium for that console. But most mainstreamers won't. As they won't understand what that means. They would just think it's an expensive console. Smh

rainslacker273d ago


Seems we accept that console makers tend to support their console in a way that sells their product. Been like this for decades, so not sure why we shouldn't accept it.

Companies are under no obligation to release elsewhere, nor are they under obligation to keep it to their console.

We accept this because it's a norm. I think we accept that MS is now releasing on PC, but many of us believe that it marginalizes the need for the console for some.

PSNow is kind of a different thing IMO. It's meant to broaden their software base, but keep everything in the ecosystem of PSN. MS approach is different, but the same principal. The difference is though, that as far as I know, Sony isn't likely to have first run games on PSNow, nor is streaming really ideal for those that are looking for the best way to play said games. PSNow is more a casual service, or one that is good for certain situations. It's not a replacement for a full console or PC experience IMO, as it has it's limitations. MS making their games available on PC can in some cases give a better than console experience, and anyone serious enough to play games on PC would not require the console at all.

DragonKnight273d ago

No it wasn't. This was an MS fanpiece if I've ever seen one. MS dictates the future of gaming because they introduced hard drives and online gaming? Really?

Well who introduced CDs to consoles? Who introduced DVDs? How about Blu Ray? Why did the king of online gaming come out with a console that DIDN'T have wifi at first but their competition did? Where did Games With Gold come from if not as a direct response to Playstation + which itself was a response to Xbox Live Gold?

The company in the lead dictates the trends save and except when the one lagging behind innovates in a previously unforeseen way.

Frickin' fanboys.

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Zarock274d ago

Nintendo Is Trying To Hold The Future of Gaming Back.

There fixed It for you.

CrimsonPheonix274d ago

The ability to take my games with me anywhere, is where I want games to go.

wheresmymonkey274d ago

Yeah because a console you can take anywhere, id holding gaming back.... The idea of being able to stream stuff to another device ( the main point of the WiiU, is holding it back. Expanding the audience (what the wii did) is holding it back.

Basically making the gamepad what we know it as today (with the help of SEGA) is holding it back....

Zarock274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

+wheresmymonkey When your still stuck In the past, and still produce outdated hardware with the same 30+ year old games and your competitors + students have surpassed you, yes you are holding gaming back.

meka2611273d ago

If anything sony is holding the industry back. Yea they have the games and like to do graphics, but they don't innovate. At least nintendo tries, I mean it usually sucks, but they try. Sony just makes a game console, and when they "innovate" they copy off other companies.

DragonKnight273d ago

"Expanding the audience (what the wii did) is holding it back. "

Actually it is. In the sense that the audience is expanded to casuals which caused the casualization of games and thus retarded the idea of challenge. That's why there is a whole new genre called Souls-like, in honour of the first game to actually be a challenge in a long time, Demon's Souls.

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christocolus273d ago

Agreed. Interesting article.

CaptainObvious878273d ago

For those that want an all digital future, answer me this...

With publishers having the monopoly and a complete lack of any competition or secondary market, how many years would releases remain at $60 and never dropping in price?

Perhaps I'm being even too generous there. Do you think games would even stay at the $60 price and not go up?

XXanderXX273d ago

Lets get one thing straight people am not here to see eye to eye with you , am not here for the gamers united mumbo jumbo of all for one junk am here to read articles & comment , voice my opinion.
if by chance my opinions are not to your liking tough deal with it .

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Fist4achin274d ago

Intersting, although i must say that i am truly content with where gaming is at. I still like having physical media and im not much of an online player. Gaming will go wherever it goes, but until then i will enjoy it my way.

274d ago
bluefox755274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

"Gamers Disagree With Me On The Direction The Industry Should Be Moving In"

travestyj274d ago

Why is the author pretending that PSNow came after Microsoft's play anywhere? Also is he trying to say that Microsoft is the only one that others copy? There have also been many things MS have done that no one has copied that eventually died and there are many things that both Nintendo and Sony have done that Microsoft copied. What is the point of this article?

Krysis274d ago

His main point is M.S routinely shapes the gaming culture but is rarely given credit for it.

SpaceRanger274d ago

That's because their hardware innovation (the thing people can visibly see and is tangible) consistently falls flat.
- Original kinect
- Xbox One Kinect
- Xbox One Graphical Power
- Hololens (touted for gaming yet then backtracked)
- Xbox 360 RROD

They've continually shaped it in ways that do not fit well with the industry or the consumers.

Vasto274d ago

Dude is just naming random stuff.

travestyj274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

I don't think anyone denies that they have added to gaming but pretending they are the only ones doing it seems insane. They have also done far less than both Sony and Ninetendo. Also we shouldn't be thanking them for paying for online, Sony saw that they can get free money like MS and went for it because why not?

WickedLester274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Except in the one area most gamers want which is a diverse library of quality exclusives. This is the area that both Sony and Nintendo bury MS.

rainslacker273d ago

So his point is off base....unless he means that MS has helped introduce more vitriol into the community by forcing it's fan base to be accepting of whatever they put out while taking the least amount of effort on their part to get by. In which case, yeah, I guess we can say that MS gamers are holding things back, because they don't really demand more.

I could attribute this to Nintendo fans because they seem to love everything Nintendo does, but at least Nintendo does try new things with hardware, and does sometimes shape the course of the industry, and at the same time routinely puts out very high quality software, so I feel that's kind of a wash.

Sony fans can sometimes be this way, but Sony puts out so many games, and pushes new experiences that way, that it's hard to say they're holding back gaming, because it's the games that matter. Plus Sony has pushed other technologies like motion control(albeit not to the same level as MS/Nintendo) and VR.

In any case, gamers are going to like what they like regardless of what an individual or a company feels the direction of gaming should go. It's a free market, and the free market will decide what will be successful. It's not up to us, the gamers, to simply accept whatever new "innovation" that these companies put out as the new course in gaming because they deem it so. These companies have to make the case for why we should want their products if they want the industry to go a certain direction. If they do that, then the customer will buy it.

We, as the consumer, are in no way obligated to bow to the forces of what corporations feel is best for them. It should always be what we want, and what is best for us.

Author needs to get that point through his head. It's not about the industry, or these companies making money. It's about what we want, because it is our money we're spending. Guilt trips won't change that in the grand scheme of things.

MAULxx273d ago

I would say MS has done some things that has become an industry standard. Good & bad things.
They also seem keen on following trends like implementing avatars & motion controls.

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AnubisG274d ago

It's a rant by an MS fanboy.

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GNCFLYER274d ago

The entire console has been altered to a PS4. MS has done nothing but copy Sony this gen

ForeverTheGoat274d ago

Let's not act like Sony hasn't copied anything this gen.

travestyj274d ago

WiiU had external hard drive storage

Dragonscale274d ago

@travest so true. All the things ms tried to do with xbone at the start of this gen was firmly rejected by everyone. Some people have been drinking far too much of ms kool aid lol.

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Kreisen274d ago

Bad business practices < > Technological advancements.