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Martin takes to the wild in the awe-inspiring Zelda: Breath of the Wild in what could be his game of the year.

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pramath1605439d ago (Edited 439d ago )

Well deserved

EddieNX 439d ago (Edited 439d ago )

Id like to dismiss some of the faulse criticism for this truly outstanding work of art

Bad grafix - The game has one of the most memorable art styles ever, its better than Windwaker and pretty much everything. The game looks stunning at 900p on my 4K TV which upscaled it as well. Its a beautiful game.

Boring gameplay- lol what? This game has almost infinite diversity in gameplay and how you approach battles and situations, litteraly infinite, resulting in an experince that never gets boring.

Useless cooking- No, you're just cooking wrong. You have to cook actually high level things with the right ingredients to get thinks like an energizing food that refils youyyouyr stamina, making you fly, climb further. Or things with a high attack boost instead of a low attack boost. Figuring this out is just another fantastic thing in this game that constantly keeps surprising you.

Boring boss battles- I've enjoyed my boss battles, and all the mini bosses in the wild. Engaging and it all about using elemental weaknesses and things like that to get the best results.

Framerate - it plays at 900p 30fps smooth 95% on Switch with the occasional drop. People have blown this out of proportion. There's no drops at all in handheld mode and apparently there's a firmware update that will fix the issue anyway.

Overall this game is easily one of the best I've played on ANY platform, its better than anything on the Ps4 or XB1 and that's why some of their fans who hate Nintendo have becomes so salty about the situation.

TheGamez100438d ago

I just ignore and laugh at the hate. Just finished the game and all these complaints are just rediculous salty statements made by fanboys, most of them complaining about gfx, framerate, resolution, and comparing to other games (which every fanboy complains about) and I can say that the game deserves the praise it gets. A good 9/10 from me because I think the story could have been better but its still a great game.
Reason why this game gets so much hate is because of the perfect scores. People see that thinking the game will be perfect, see a couple things that they dislike then go apesh*t and hate on the game entirely. Thats the video game community we live in today.

Vegamyster438d ago

I laugh when some of them they spam it looks like a PS2 game and tons of people upvote them, i don't think it's perfect either but the fanboy stuff like that is dumb.

Pennywise138438d ago

So much yes to everything you mentioned above. I've seen so many comments that are so wrong and obviously from people who haven't played the game. To be honest I was a little nervous about the art style myself until I actually turned the game on the first time and immediately saw how well that style will hold up over the years. It's a living painting.

Defiantmac438d ago

Most of the hate are from people who haven't played it and think there is some sort of competition between consoles. Who cares if a game comes out on PS4, XB1, PC, or Switch as long as it's good? Like, one game doesn't have to suck because you like another one.

The only two negatives I can really think of besides the frame dips which didn't really bother me was that some of the dungeon bosses felt easy (not boring) and the soundtrack wasn't as good as past Zelda titles.

I haven't played a game as much as I played BotW as fast as I played BotW since Mass Effect 2 came out. It ranks somewhere in my top 5 single player game experiences of all time, at which point what does it really matter where you rate them.

EddieNX 438d ago

Agreed @everyon above!

Its a special, must play game, I think we all agree.

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Moonman438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

*holds up my Hyrule gang signs*

It's Zelda biatch, bow down, recognise and respect. Or just GTFO. lol

(joking but it's how I feel at this point on

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