After Scalebound Cancellation, Producer Leaves The Company

The longtime producer who worked on Scalebound from its start has left the company.

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Bathyj253d ago

"Platinum maintains its luster forever." Aww, that was beautiful. :)

naruga253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

and who the cares if a western producer leaves one of the most iconic Japanese developers....he was just a producer (aka just directing/giving the money or managing the ties between companies) no relation at all with art departemant /developping /writing , nothing from future game will be changed....also all that bio which states that he had worked with Capcom .Clover/paltinum are not so believable , i first saw him after the Scalebound announcnement just to learn that he was the man that pitched/proposed the project to be Xbox exclusive (how original for a western producer in a japanese company / s)

rainslacker252d ago

While I don't disagree with your contentions about the producer himself, I think you aren't actually informed on what a producer does.

The producer in general is in charge of getting money, but can exert tremendous control over every aspect of the development of the game. He's also responsible for overseeing the management of the game.

Best way can think to describe it with a simple analogy is when you see those scenes in TV or movies, where you have the studio heads who want to add all sorts of stupid stuff to what is a generally good show already, all because it will make it better.

That is esentially how the producer has control. He is the highest rung in the chain, and without them, you get no money, thus no game.

Some producers are less hands on, but most will want to have some say in the actual direction of the game, and more than most people may realize, they actually do change stuff from the original vision. That's not always bad, but it can be.

naruga252d ago

@ rainslacker ..thnx for the explanation ...i know which is the exact role of the producer in a game company though i couldnt express it good in english translating it from my language ...though i said directing the money which is not very different from what you said

Godmars290253d ago

But it had nothing to do with the pressure MS put on him.

Krysis252d ago

Why would it, he worked for Platinum and not M.S.

Godmars290252d ago

He was a Platinum employee creating a project under guidelines from MS. Guidelines which likely demanded online multiplayer features.

XXanderXX252d ago

He was a Platinum employee true , but his company was contracted , hired, either way MS was not in the wrong especially if a project being funded by them is delayed a number of times .

Godmars290252d ago

So then they weren't in the wrong to cancel Fable Legends or the Phantom Dust remake.

It was just bad of them to heavily hype the titles and should, if not cost them credibility, then bring any new announcements they make into question.

No that such has ever happened within the Xbox camp.

XXanderXX252d ago

@Goldmars290 Fable was in house and they were disappointed , Phantom dust the first studio said they could do with said budget and then came back looking for more .

People overhyped them and Site interviewers misconstrued all statements .

Krysis252d ago

Well here's my 2 cents, MS put no pressure on him, he put it on himself by accepting the job. Of which the terms of the game would have been laid out before development started and stated in a contract signed by him or platinum or whomever. None of us know what happened so throwing out unsubstantiated claims seems a bit fan boyish

Godmars290252d ago

And by my two cents MS mandated online multiplayer. That plus graphical benchmarks made the game impossible to make.

If it were offline SP, it likely would be out already.

Krysis252d ago

You obviously have some kind of inside info on the agreement and terms of the game development, so I will stop debating.

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