Ghost Recon Wildlands Takes UK No.1 Spot with Biggest Launch of 2017 So Far

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands has taken the No.1 crown in the latest UK video game chart standings.

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Nyxus495d ago

Glad to see Horizon still at 2. And Nier Automata at 6.

Resis7ance495d ago

Very strong debut for NieR in the west, great to see.

bouzebbal494d ago

pretty impressive achievment in this "crowded" period tbh for NieR.

MRMagoo123494d ago

I see Zelda dropped down to 4 already, nice work horizon

Nyxus494d ago

Zelda sales dropped 70%, HZD 60%. I wonder what the actual numbers will be like.

494d ago
Septic494d ago

You guys just hate all platforms but yours dont you? 😂😂😂

yarbie1000494d ago

Zelda dropped because the system is sold out everywhere. Who is gonna buy a game without a system?

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freshslicepizza494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

how come so many want to always talk about ps4 console exclusive games above everything else? anyways i might wait for a sale on ghost recon because it still looks a bit rough.

Nyxus494d ago

Because I think Horizon is more deserving than Wildlands. Also, why does it matter to you?

freshslicepizza494d ago

Yes, I am the one who is salty while you guys refuse to discuss the NUMBER ONE seller. At least it's crystal clear now who tries to control the discussions around here.

Anyways Ubisoft games are almost all now with a season pass attached to it but at least this game seems to have a ton of content included.

Nyxus494d ago

@ moldybread: you're bordering on paranoia now. I'm more interested in the sales for Horizon equals me trying to 'control the discussions'? Yes, it's a conspiracy by the illuminati to promote the PS4.

Sparta07494d ago

because we have " true exclusives " to talk about. Don't get mad at us for that.
Answer this question saltybread, why are you on very Sony article trying to down play Anything Sony!?
That's the biggest mystery.

Bigpappy494d ago

Never mind them. They have been like that since for ever and now they got a few good game this year, they are the only games worth talking about.

Now back on topic: Ghost is better than you think if you have not yet spent some time with a good group of friends who want to just want to get in there and clear area after area. I played it over the weekend, and can't think of a better co-op experience on the market right now.
The pros are: AI is pretty smart. if you stat in one spot with a sniper, they will find you and they will Kill you. Co-should be played on the higher difficulty to really have it competitive. But even on normal, you have to be smart about how you approach each type of mission. You can help out the local rebels, and they will show up in numbers when ever you call on them. So the game keeps changing as you progress.
Cons: motor cycles are too difficult to handle; There is a learning curve on how best to use your points and use all the buttons on the controller, they all take some time. If you are playing with someone who has been playing a while, they can get you up to speed much fasted; I didn't like the driving at first, but I have now mastered it and find it easy.
Ghost is a good and fun game if you like co-op, but I was playing alone and found my computer controlled team mates very helpful. They go away if you play co-op with even 1 person.

freshslicepizza494d ago

I want to hear some more feedback on playing Ghost solo because some people have said the A. I. isn't that great at times.

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Sparta07494d ago

Wow!! I guess is bad for us to say good things about our exclusives.
I guess anything Sony is forbidden on this site. 😳

freshslicepizza494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

Twisting words again I see. The question was simple, why is there so much discussion about exclusives and hardly any on multiplat games? Is this site not supposed to be representing ALL gamers out there and not just those who like to promote the hardware that they are on?

The concern of course is we have a mass influence around here that does not necessarily translate into what's happening in the real world. Of course games like Horizon are deserving of recognition and praise but when that is all anyone talks about you begin to question why a certain fanbase keeps trying to drown everything else out.

Kribwalker494d ago

Good to see forza horizon still going strong 6 months later

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moegooner88495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Wonder if the same people who made The Division launch record breaking, and bought For Honor, then abandoned the games a few weeks later, ended up buying Ghost Recon as well ? I don't understand why pay full price for a game, then stop playing it shortly after.

Shubhendu_Singh494d ago

Well depends upon the definition of shortly after.

For an RPG 20-40 hours seems about right, but for some even 10hours for 60$ is worthwhile.

_-EDMIX-_494d ago

Agreed I think it largely depends on the game

I've played many games that are only about 10 to 15 hours long but I still felt were Justified for full price.

UnHoly_One494d ago

Yeah I'm not sure why it matters. I stopped playing Horizon already because I finished it.

I'll play it over again in a few months or a year.

I'll play Ghost Recon until my friends and I all finish it.

I'll be happy having paid 60 for both.

DeadSilence494d ago

Great hold for Horizon, Zelda dropped more wow

Nyxus494d ago

70% drop is actually considered normal I believe. So Horizon holds up well with only a 60% drop.

Overload494d ago

70% is very good, 60% is great.

frostypants494d ago

Zelda is tied to launch Switch sales and Nintendo as usual botched production.

0Day494d ago

I cant understand why.... Its nothing like Ghost Recon

Unoriginalplayer494d ago

Try playing on extreme with no HUD.

MRMagoo123494d ago

"Try playing on extreme with no HUD and staying awake" fixes it for you , I tried but I couldn't do it , I almost fell instantly asleep.

Unoriginalplayer494d ago

...and staying awake not a part of what I said...good try. You might want to try playing the game first. Another good try for pretending like you have played the game!

Liqu1d494d ago

Playing with no HUD in the beta prevented you from using syncshot, is that still the case?

Unoriginalplayer494d ago

@ Liqu1d

No you can not use syncshot with HUD off. It is only a problem in solo mode especially when you hit one of the soldier heavy compounds which can have 20+ enemies walking in and out of multiple buildings.

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ABizzel1494d ago

1. Open World
2. Shooter
3. Co-op / Multiplayer

Those 3 things together almost guarantees your game will sell 1m copies so long as it's decent at the very least.

Based on reviews Wildlands meets the criteria, just like Destiny at launch (good game now), the division at launch.

Psychotica494d ago

It doesn't need to be like the past games to still be called Ghost Recon. A new Ford Mustang isn't like one from 30 years ago yet it's still a Ford Mustang..

UnHoly_One494d ago

It being "nothing like Ghost Recon" is one of my favorite things about it. lol

TWB494d ago

Well, I would say its more like Ghost Recon, than the previous entries. Ofcourse, assuming we are talking about the original FPS GR games, and not the third person ones.

I did enjoy the beta considerably more than the Advanced Warfighter games, and I assume Future Soldier wasnt any better.

Wildlands should have gone little further, but I think its sufficient at the moment.

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Fishy Fingers494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

Not surprised. Decent multiplayer focused game while most of the recent heavy hitters have been largely single player games.

It's also a pretty good game (great with friends) based on the open beta.

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