Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus DLC Takes 2-3 Hours to Complete

Are you glad-io?

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naruga371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

i mnot buying any FFXV dlc...i liked the core game but it felt kind of forced chopped for DLC purposes and annoyed me as hell ..i ll just wait for game of the year edition

blu3_puls3371d ago

It really did seem choppy story wise. The gameplay itself was fun, but I feel that too much was missing from the story.

InKnight7s371d ago

I am so happy in time of sheeps fellowing any COD releases and DLCs, and praising nintendo for downgrading the games consoles, on other hand there is still smart gamers who really love their consoles and their games but not allowing any milking.

_-EDMIX-_371d ago

I would consider just purchasing the base game used because I purchase the game day one and put over 80 hours in the game and I've yet to complete all the side quest.

After completing the main story I'm okay with what I played I'm not sure I would waste any time waiting for more content because I'm not even sure if I would even like it in the first place I'm not purchasing any of this downloadable content I'm okay with what was given.

yeahright2371d ago

I went in expecting that. there's no way with a development cycle that long they were going to make a profit with just $60 a game. By no means is that the gamers' fault, just what I expected.

Nara_shikamaru371d ago

They made a profit on day one. On the day it released they already earned a profit. This is literally them using those profits to add more (granted that most of it should have been in the game at launch anyways)

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Herbiwhore371d ago

I would've preferred an added open world map with new weapons and skills like it was for witcher and Fallout 4.and that's why I didn't get the season pass

Nu371d ago

I would've preferred not have wasted $60 on this game

Herbiwhore371d ago

I quite enjoyed this at the time of release tbh, but I've lost interest in it, especially when compared to Nioh Nier and Horizon

Goldby371d ago

i would have prefered they kept the DLC in the game instead of remove it to make more money off of people

Proper2002371d ago

Is this DLC making any changes to the way party works ? Would be nice if they actually added Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis as playable characters... Constantly issuing direct control over only Noctis is just... boring.

Vhampir371d ago

You play as each DLC's character.

Proper2002371d ago

Nah, I meant if you are able to play them outside the DLC in the main games.

Goldby371d ago


Just with the Comrades DLC

yeahright2371d ago

What about games like witcher, horizon and Zelda?

Irishguy95371d ago

That will be the final DLC

plmkoh371d ago

This might be my first season pass, if all character DLC includes a few hours that will mean 10 hours for $25. Fair in my opinion.

Darkwatchman371d ago

The Witcher 3 season pass was also $25 for 2 expansions. Roughly 10 hours for the first and significantly more. 25-40 hours for the second expansion. So that's roughly 40-50 hours for $25.

Tell me again how this $25 season pass is worth it if it's 10 hours for everything.

PeteyMcPickle371d ago

To be fair, you're comparing it to the best possible example of how DLC should be done. Cd Project Red are gods.

yeahright2371d ago

He didn't say it was the best example. Maybe witcher just didn't tickle his fancy, but final fantasy does. Both offer good bang for their buck in my eyes.

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