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Jim Sterling:

"The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a beautiful game with a richly detailed world. It’s packed with things to do and places to explore, doing an incredible job of turning Hyrule into a vast expanse of possibility as opposed to a sparse field with gameplay sprouting off it like spokes on a wheel.

At its absolute best, Breath of the Wild offers some of the most absorbing experiences a Zelda game ever has.

Unfortunately, it makes you work harder for it than you should, buried as it is under a pile of small but constant irritations that collaborate to form a thick crust of frustration around a delectable center. Breath of the Wild is a delightful adventure, one that tries its utmost to be as big a pain in the arse as possible."

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littlezizu405d ago

Great Review from Jim. You may disagree with his score but you can't brush away negative he pointed out. Only review that matters has given his honest opinion again

Vegamyster405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Well he said the shrine dungeons broke his immersion, i personally enjoy them & disagree with the difficultly, whacking a large creature with a wooden club or rusty sword isn't going to do much to them for the obvious reason that they're just not strong enough. The simple thing that i do is keep one or two slots free for low level enemies & use all the other higher tier weapons for when you fight the larger/tougher enemies which also drop good weapons so even if you break a weapon it's not a big deal, it's not the games fault that he wants to horde the best stuff he finds for fear of breaking them.

Even some of the other smaller things i disagree with like the rain during climbing, the game tells you what weather is on the way and since rain doesn't clip through objects you can always drop some firewood & flint under shelter and simply wait it out which takes less than 30 seconds to do, the game doesn't hold your hand at all and wants you to learn & adapt.

NewMonday405d ago

NiOh used to have item durability but got dropped after negative feedback from the demo. this is a mechanic that dose nothing but increase the grind.

Vegamyster405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

I haven't played Nioh yet or seen its demo so i dunno how similar the games roll out, since most enemies drop weapons in Botw and higher tier weapons have higher durability it doesn't bother me if i damage/break one higher level weapon and pick up a different one back in return. I can see how some people don't like it but it doesn't bother me since it increases diversity.

In Skyrim i used pretty much the same weapon for dozens of hours because nothing was ever better or disintegrates, the Witcher 3 has weapon durability but it's not fun since it requires you to have Weapon Repair Kits or you don't have any you have to stop what you're doing to find a black smith, the system reminds me of Dying Light but on a faster scale and with better balance.

PhantomTommy405d ago

Haven't played Nioh in a little while but I'm certain that weapon drops from enemies are rare. Every enemy in BOTW drops a usable weapon. I don't know why so many people have a hard time getting used to the durability. Within the first few hours I had accepted that weapons break and therefore I shouldn't get attached to them. People are acting like the mechanic is a mistake that Nintendo accidentally left in the game.

The 10th Rider405d ago

Yeah, Breath of the Wild is actually the first time I've enjoyed breakable weapons in a game. The key is that there's plenty to grab and it's easy as can be to switch weapons. As others have said, you keep one or two slots open for low level weapons to take down smaller enemies, and you use the stronger weapons against the big baddies.

ChickeyCantor405d ago

wait he was annoyed by the rule systems of elements?


Christopher405d ago

***Haven't played Nioh in a little while but I'm certain that weapon drops from enemies are rare. ***

Not even. It's very common.

UltraNova404d ago

Durability in Nioh would be a mistake. The gameplay is fast(weapons would break fast) plus Soulmatching and forging rare weapons take a lot of hard earned resources, therefore having your weapons break dramaticaly increases grind and frustration.

Lets not forget that we have, Ki management, 3 stances, projectile weapons, Omnyo magic and Ninjitsu to keep up with as well.

All in all removing durability in Nioh was clearly the correct decesion.

light69404d ago

Very true I feel that people are nitpicking just becaue the game was hyped up and did so well. There's always going to be that person that doesn't want the game to succeed even if it's good. If anything the game is a solid 9/10

wampdog29404d ago

NewMonday: I don't really understand the argument that it increases the grind. You typically find weapons near enemies or make the ones you fight drop weapons..... you never really have to grind to get weapons. They're all around you.

Defiantmac404d ago

To NewMonday - In 30+ hours of playing and beating Zelda at no point during the entire game did I feel like I had to grind anything. Weapon Durability and scavenging as you were playing added a fun dynamic (for me) as I had to pick and choose what I wanted to keep and what best fit my play style. I also saved my best weapons for harder enemies.

As far as the reviewer saying this game has a thick crust of frustration due to "constant irritations" I would have to disagree. Breath of the Wild felt like the most realistic Nintendo game I have played. I enjoyed that, when it rained, Link would slip making it more difficult to take certain paths. I enjoyed that I had to maybe ration or cook certain things to make terrain more passable. I also enjoyed that for once, I played a game that let me figure things out on my own. I never felt like I was told you had to solve a puzzle a certain way. Maybe a certain puzzle was designed to be solved with a bomb rune, but I solved it firing a bomb arrow all the way across the shrine because that's how it appeared to me to be solved.

Bahamut404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

Yep, sounds like another issue where the reviewer is just a shitty gamer and blames his lack of skill on the game. It's a shame. Don't knock points off the review, just git gud.

Think I'm just going to listen to the WHOLE WORLD instead. I've never seen a game with such a high cumulative score. Congrats Nintendo. Even The Witcher 3 (one of the best games ever made) couldn't pull off scores like that.

UnHoly_One404d ago

Man after reading this review, I'm glad I didn't get a switch.

I'm not one to take review scores as gospel, but I certainly take into account the actual description of the game within the review.

And everything he describes sound annoying and just plain awful. This game would drive me nuts. lol

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rainslacker404d ago

I like at least that he explains them. 7 seems a tad low though but he does down rate more for aggravation.

Bahamut404d ago

Yeah, he sounds like a crybaby. Shitty reviewer.

Utalkin2me404d ago


Kind of like your Sh%$#y comments. Calling people foul names and using constant swear words.

NapalmSanctuary404d ago

The guy is entitled to his opinion but like all reviews, thats all this is.

He doesn't like the shrines, they're my favorite part of the game.

He doesn't like the weapon durability issue, I found it to be no issue at all once I figured out how to re-acquire certain high tier weapons like the royal claymore sticking out of the skull on top of woodland tower or the ancient++, ancient sword++, and ancient spear++ that you get from killing the guardian scout 4 at chaas qeta shrine, or the 3 knights broadswords that you can get from raiding the bokoblin camp (giant skull) just west of muwa jeem shrine. All can be re-acquired after a bloodmoon.

He says that guardians are too tough. I can usually kill them without taking a hit. Like everything else in this game, its about how you approach it.

This game is all about problem solving but if Jim Sterling doesn't like that, thats fine. He has a right to feel how he wants to. It doesn't make the opinions he has about it anything more than opinions.

--Onilink--404d ago

Guardians WERE too tough at first, then I got better gear and weapons, learned their patterns, now I completely wreck them. Even when I was under equiped as hell, I learned about the perfect guard and could 3 shot kill them.

Same with the Lynels, first one I encountered? I got absolutely destroyed, had to run away in the end (and it was just a Red Mane). Now I take down White Manes without getting hit.

Rain is annoying? seek a place with cover and light a fire. Or find and upgrade your climbing gear and stamina and learn the best timing to climb. By now there is usually not many cliffs i cant climb even with its raining.

Its like he never even bothered to learn how to do stuff in the game.

Realms404d ago

Right just like all the positive reviews that failed to point out everything he did. Wether you agree or not his points and criticisms have validity to what degree the game should be penalized is up to the gamer playing the game. I don't know if it's a 7/10 but it's most certainly NOT a perfect 10/10.

NapalmSanctuary403d ago

Many of the positive reviewers did point out the same things, they just happened to appreciate them. The idea that they are flaws is purely subjective. They are obviously there by design. Whether or not they help or hurt the game is for the players and reviewers to decide for themselves.

404d ago
DualWielding404d ago

So glad about this score... Tired of seeing geberic games like this rated higher than Yakuza

DanteVFenris666404d ago

His review matters... even though he publicly hates Nintendo. I'm sure there was no bias in his review what so ever.

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-Foxtrot405d ago

"One should be warned also that Breath of the Wild officially turns amiibo into the overly expensive DLC they were always criticized for being. A number of exclusive armor sets and weapons – as well as a full-fledged NPC ally – can only be acquired by scanning Nintendo’s toys, though interestingly the Breath of the Wild specific amiibo offer the least interesting rewards. If you want good costumes or special armaments, expect to buy a lot of plastic"

How does something like this fly under the radar...I mean really. If EA did this people would shit on them non stop.

coolbeans405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Indeed. That's a criticism I've seen nowhere else (yet) when it comes to game critics.

The 10th Rider405d ago

Because the armor sets are basically alternative skins. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's dumb, but even Uncharted has had DLC skin packs. In most games nowadays DLC or microtransactions for cosmetic items are the norm, so the idea that "If EA did this people would shit on them non stop" is just plain wrong. The only really significant one is the Wolf Link Amiibo.

-Foxtrot405d ago


Do you even know how many unlockable skins and characters were in Uncharted though. Even in the single player

Rachel_Alucard404d ago

@10th Rider

Uncharted "had' DLC characters in multiplayer in 2 and 3. In 4 everything is unlocked by chests. Nintendo has amiibos for BOTW out there at retailers selling for more than $15 for what amounts to "alternative skins." What a joke.

lazyboyblue404d ago

@Rachel_Alucard But you get a toy as well. People love em. Personally, I dont own any but each to their own I guess?

404d ago
Rachel_Alucard404d ago (Edited 404d ago )


For an "adult" your spelling is below elementary level, your grammar is all over the place, your punctuation is wherever it wants, and your logic is beyond childish, and most of it sounds like nonsense. "Ha I got a toy that I can resell despite paying some insane amount for it just so I could unlock in game content!" "Take that haters!"

The simple fact that you think everyone who says anything negative about it is a troll, hater, or fanboy clearly shows you have complete ignorance to everything around you.

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LoveSpuds405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Agreed, while I am sure Zelda is a great game, it is amazing that it's performance issues and this 'DLC by the back door' are completely glossed over by the mainstream media.

Defiantmac404d ago

I don't remember people saying any of the Souls games or Bloodborne (2 of my favorite franchises) really needed to be knocked down because of frame rate issues. In fact, I remember more of people laughing that Blight Town was such a frame dip and it made a difficult area even harder. People knew that this was an issue but because the overall game and experience was so good it really didn't ruin what was an amazing product.

The Zelda frame lag hardly happens and when it does it's in situations like the Lost Woods when there are a ton of shadows and lighting effects. I don't remember once through the entire game where the frame issues caused me any problems. While it was annoying, it wasn't as bad as some are making it sound and didn't occur as often as some are saying.

Dark_Knightmare2405d ago

Exactly this what people mean when they say Nintendo and some of their games get a free pass

uth11405d ago

Skylanders, Infinity, and Lego dimensions have been getting away with this crap too for several years. Having to buy a bunch of $10-15 plastic figures is wayyy worse than any digital DLC/Microtransactions that I'm aware of. Yet almost nobody else seems to get upset about it.

The 10th Rider405d ago

Lego Dimensions isn't too bad. You get physical minifigures that are actually useful if you're into Lego. Each world also had a whole open world to explore, so as long as you bought characters from unique universes, you got a ton of content. Also, the game is going is being supported for 3 years, instead of the yearly releases the other series have. That being said, I bought a few things at deep discounts, but the game is so buggy it's just a pain to play. Also performance on some versions isn't the best in 2 player, which takes the fun out of it. If they'd do some patching I'd gladly buy a few more figures when they're discounted.

badz149405d ago


WTF? those games are intended for the sole purpose of selling toys! why the hell do you think Disney, Lego and Nintendo all jumped to that bandwagon in the first place? totally irrelevant comparison! you Nintendo apologist will say anything to defend your beloved Nintendo's wrong doings, ha?

MRMagoo123404d ago

I didn't buy Lego dimensions for that exact reason, I usually buy every Lego game , So you are talking bullcrap.

nikrel405d ago

Loving my N2 Elite. Solves the issue.

rainslacker404d ago

Because it's an Amiibo. A lot of people haven't associated that little toy as a form of DLC. Of course, it's one that can keep on giving over time, but it's kind of costly compared to other DLC given what it usually offers.

Some of them are nice collectables, so there is that. I have a few for that purpose, although I never use them for their in game purposes.

RSKnight404d ago

This is the difference between real and honest reviews, and the paid-by-publishers reviews. Yes, I'm implying that Nintendo paid in some way or another all those "critics" who gave BotW a 10/10. That's why Nintendo doesn't want reviews from people like Boogie, AngryJoe, or Jim Sterling in this case. I haven't played this game, and have no doubt it must be good, but I don't trust a reviewer that can't say anything bad at all about a game.

And regarding the amiibo DLC, another thing that I can't believe went under the radar in all the 10/10 reviews is the stamina thing. I've been watching videos with the annoying green circle and always wondered how can no one made the least comment about it. That was the thing I hated most about Skyward Sword, and finaly Jim Sterling tells how annoying it is in BotW too. That's how I know I can trust Jim's review, and not all the others with 10's all over the place.

I still want to play this game, but I'll buy it later, like at least a year from now, when the Switch is actually worth buying. I'm not buying a console just for one game, certainly not a 7/10 game.

Mexxan404d ago

I've been reading Edge since issue 1. Way back when CD32 was a thing from Commadore and the height of gaming technical marvel was a game called Microcosm from Psygnosis.

Easily the most hardest to impress reviewers for over 2 decades. True gaming journalism with what could be regarded as heritage.

They gave Zelda a 10.

Jim's usually entertaining yet rambling reviews pale into juvenile spouting's compared to these guys.

However, this review from Jim really does show that youtuber's aren't immune to generating contraversy for the sake of a self gratification.

Jim's take on the negatives are valid points but do they overshadow the experience as a whole? Most definitely not to a 7.

In terms of that score, a 7 at Edge would be an 8 to an 8.5 - 9 in most other reviews.

For Edge to give Zelda a 10 really does polarise Jim's review and score as not only insignificant but in terms of respectability it's nothing more than the opinion of any gamer out there which is relevant to themselves and a few others in thier respective circles which is essentially, obselete.

RSKnight404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

If you trust Edge reviews then you will enjoy BotW a lot more than I will. And that's OK.
But you know what other game Edge gave the perfect score of 10? Skyward Sword.
I would never give it a 10, even with a gun pointed at my head. So this means (at least for me) that I can not trust Edge reviews. Sorry.
I still haven't desagree, not even once, with the reviews from Jim Sterling or AngryJoe, so I trust them if they say BotW is good, but not "go-buy-a-Switch" good. I don't think their opinions are obsolete, in fact, I think is the other way arround. Edge, IGN, Gamespot, etc, are the ones going obsolete because it's difficult to trust their opinions as truly independent and unbiased. They have to worry about not losing their right to getting early copies from game publishres, and not losing readers and improve their sites traffic. So they will say whatever they think is necessary to keep the business running, just like politicians do. But independent reviewers don't have to worry about that, in fact that's why they can actually be brutally honest about their reviews, and I don't see how that makes them obsolete.

DanteVFenris666404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

So only Nintendo pays for reviews? But Sony would never pay for good reviews for horizon?

This is a stupid argument done by fanboys.

Stamina management by the way made the game fun. It was used very nicely with the world deseign. It's also upgradable to a point where you can probably climb 10* the distance you could at the start of the game.

Angry joe and boogie also clearly love the game. You'd be seeing 9s or higher from them.

404d ago
light69404d ago

Here is the funny thing about that. YOU DONT NEED IT. The cosutumes and weapons you get from the Amiibo are basically skins and do nothing but make you look like past links from previous games. The NPC ally, you don't need if anything that's hypocritical to complain about an NPC ally that helps you when people have complained in the past about NPC characters that help you lol

Stapleface404d ago

They aren't just skins and have their own set bonuses. But they can be aquired in game without amiibos. It's a grind but those pieces of gear are in game. I think other than the Sheika mask and Ganons sword. Which are literally just skins that do nothing special.

NapalmSanctuary404d ago

I haven't messed with any of the amiibo stuff and it hasn't bothered me at all. None of it is crucial. Mostly just useless link outfits, a wolf companion, and an op horse from past games, along with drops that are all pretty easily acquired within the game. Even star fragments, once you figure out when and where to watch for falling stars, become relatively easy to obtain. I do agree that the entire amiibo concept sucks, but it doesn't hurt the game to go without them.

Stapleface404d ago

I think partly because outside of the wolf, Ganons sword (just a skin), and the Sheika mask (just a skin), the armor sets can be aquired in game without amiibo. Unlike most dlc that is available, which you have to buy to access certain items. But to be fair, you don't see dlc taking off points in reviews for many games. Sure consumers would shit on EA, but their ultimate team shit gets a pass all the time in reviews.

bow2yoda404d ago

maybe you pay 13 bucks and have something physical and tangible. if he thought the game was to hard for him...

Helios86404d ago

That is pretty damn bad. Didn't even know about it.

--Onilink--404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

because what he is saying is not actually true.

FIrst of all the amiibo can only be scanned once a day and even then you are not guaranteed to find any gear. Sometimes its just arrows.

Second, the gear it provides comes at the LOWEST defense level possible, and requires one of the hardest to obtain materials in the game (star pieces) to upgrade. And even when fully upgraded, the set bonus it provides isnt even particularly better than other in game sets.

As for other gear you can get like shields, etc?, they can ALL be obtained in game and as I said, you are not even guaranteed it will give you one.

The "fully-fledged" NPC. Its wolf link amiibo, it only has 3 hearts unless you completed the optional cave in the TP remake, which means it will be practically useless after advancing a little. No one in the game interacts with it, it just follows you around and helps out a bit in combat and finding stuff.

I have literally no idea where there the " If you want good costumes or special armaments" is coming from, since the in game gear is MILES better than any of the Amiibo gear

Not only is it 100% possible to play the game without any of the amiibo gear, chances are even if you do get one, you wont even have enough materials to upgrade it and it will be significantly worse than what you already have. Making it basically a cosmetic item

404d ago
lizard81288404d ago

I wish there was a way to upgrade Wolf Link without having to buy TP. My Wolf Link got one shotted by an lighting arrow yesterday. I also don't like how you can only use Wolf Link once a day. Sometimes when i'm walking, I just want to have him by my side. Although, with that said, Wolf Link needs better AI. He attacks everything he sees. One Time, he just ran up to one of those bosses in the forest and attacked him out of the blue. Needles to say the boss got up, and smashed him with his huge hand, and he died. This was right after I summoned him....

404d ago
GTgamer404d ago

Because in everyone eyes Nintendo can do no wrong they literally said dead pixels are apart of their screens and no uproar from Nintendo fans like wtf let it be Sony or MS that same some shxt like that and watch us them get murdered by the gamers.

DanteVFenris666404d ago

Probably because these extra do nothing for the game. You want tradition link clothes than get the 8 bit amibo. It's an extra for nostalgia purposes of past games. Not required.

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