Final Fantasy XV DLC Episode Gladiolus Will Include a "Surprise" on Episode Prompto

Final Fantasy XV DLC Producer teases a surprise about Episode Prompto at the end of Episode Gladiolus.

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-Foxtrot277d ago

If it that he's gay then I don't think that would be a surprise

Prompto the power bottom twink

Chaosdreams277d ago

Noctis: "Wait, did we just hit something?"

Gladio: "Probably."

Ignis: "Undoubtably so, you're driving after all ."

Prompto: "Ah, that's one dead Fox."

FullmetalRoyale277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

You know you love it!


TheGamez100277d ago

Not a surprise? He talks about Cindy all the time in the game and has a crush on her and luna. Hes pretty much the only guy out of the group that talks about girls lol.

-Foxtrot277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Well...I mean IF we're going to take this serious here then it's usually the guy who talks about girls non stop that end up being they are trying to quiet down other urges and any guilt they feel about their real desires

***Boy Noctis really has a nice package***

"Hey guys you know what I was thinking of? Banging Cindy all night long...AM I RIGHT OR WHAT"


Kenshin_BATT0USAI277d ago

Literally all of them but Ignis talk girls though. I recall when entering Lestallum Gladiolus says "Man...the girls here are built."