Xbox Team Talks About Play Anywhere, E3, Phil Spencer, Elite Controller and More

During a live panel at PAX East, Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb led his team in a conversation across several Xbox-related topics.

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407d ago
donthate406d ago

I'm totally ready for MS to unleash the monster too!

Most powerful console combined with distributed computing is going to give some seriously epic games.

TheCommentator406d ago

Scorpio is going to have native 4K and high fidelity 1080p, plus MS is going to have a lot more games to show.

I hope Mech Assault is real. Don't tease us and not reveal it, Phil. I need it.
I'd like to see Playground at least reveal the "open world adventure concept" with a trailer.
I predict 343 is working on something besides Halo(Halo 6 is the last Halo of the trilogy. It would be better, IMO, to introduce new ideas into a new franchise before making Halo 6).
Total fantasy realized: One of Bethesda's handful of unannounced projects is partnered with MS (343/Bethesda collaboration would be sweet, which is the only reason I mentioned it. There's like a 0.0000001% chance it might happen). Hey, a guy can dream!

threefootwang406d ago

Mech Assault?!

When was that teased?? I don't recall seeing anything. Super stoked if this true though, MA and MA2 were instant classics and I still have them on my original Xbox!

TheCommentator406d ago

A couple of months back, Phil mentioned Mech Assault in a tweet if I remember right. It was nothing more than a name drop though. Phil also said, more recently, that he wouldn't mind revisiting Crimson Skies someday!

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