7 Mind-Blowing Fan Theories We Hope Are True

OX writes: "A good fan theory about your favourite game is like bacon bits in your milkshake. You're not sure if it's right, or what the inventor of the milkshake intended, but it still blows your mind. The best theories offer intriguing new possibilities and let us see the games we love in a twisted new light. Just have a think about these, the fan theories so mind-blowing we hope they're true."

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-Foxtrot196d ago

I think Rinoa being Ultermecia in FF8 is a better fan theory then Squall being dead

Gives the game a bitter sweet ending knowing everything will happen regardless

ColonelHugh196d ago (Edited 196d ago )


Well... While I agree with you, the Ultimecia theory (which has so much evidence, it is more likely to be true than the big bang theory) kind of hinges on the confirmation that Squall does die, but at the END of the game.

In the theory, Rinoa's fragile emotional state, unique abilities, and the whole Guardian-Forces-cause-long-ter m-memory-loss concept after the ending of the game cause Rinoa to use her time manipulation abilities to try to find the boyfriend she soon won't remember but believes is alive. Eventually she shrinks all time and space until all that exists is her present (future, evil Ultimecia) self, her past self, her past friends, and the place where Squall promised to return to if they lost their memories of each other. The party defeats Ultimecia, and save the present, but not before Ultimecia kills Squall, who she doesn't remember, paradoxically causing her younger self's eventual transformation.

The sad thing about the theory is it means the future is set, and Rinoa ends time, and everything living a few years later in her attempt to use time compression. The good thing about the theory is that it manages to fix a number of otherwise glaring plot holes that confused many people by the time they reached the end of the game.

-Foxtrot196d ago

Yeah it's something like that

The world becomes more scared of sorceresses after what happened, they start some kind of Salem witch trails, this fills Rinoa with anger and hate but Squall, her knight protects her with everyone else. As time goes on they die of old age one by one until Squall is the last one to die. She's then heart broken and turns his ring Griever into a GF so powerful her memory becomes distant, time goes on and the constant hate and fear surrounding her causes her to seek the one thing that made her feel safe but she can't remember what so she decides that to make everything what it is before that she would compress time to try and live out the days when she was happy.

And so on...

I think they were hinting at it in the game, there's just too many coincidences

Pozzle195d ago

Yeah, I actually hate the 'Squall is dead' theory (and how many people believe it) because it essentially makes 70+ hours of the game completely pointless for no reason. It doesn't improve the story at all.

Honestly, I think the only reason Square even had Squall get impaled with the ice is because they wanted to include a similar scene to Aerith getting stabbed, giving gamers a brief moment of panic that another main character had just died, only for things to turn out completely fine once you put Disc 2 in. It isn't really explained how he survived it, but it made for a much cooler scene than if Edea had just arrested them all.

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