10 Abandoned Nintendo Series That probably Won't Get Switch Games

Gone and forgotten.

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Deathdeliverer373d ago

I'd beat the hell out of a bus load of children for a new Online F-Zero that was properly made.

RosweeSon373d ago

I'm sure it's gotta be pretty high up the list, Wii U didn't get one, shame I heard Sega dev's split up? As they made a beast of a game on Gamecube ;) hopefully we can get that on VC until they can get us a proper modern day F-Zero.

TheCommentator373d ago

Make sure they ride the short bus for maximum impact... go big or go home!

TheCommentator373d ago

I'm still waiting for a new Pilotwings.

Deathdeliverer373d ago

I put so much time in on pilotwings and pilotwings 64. My switch is ready for E3!

RosweeSon373d ago

Would love a new pilotwings as well brand new one and chuck in the old islands as a bonus, would have happily paid for the N64 island as DLC on 3ds pilotwings. Time for a new Pilotwings. 🙏🏻🤞 27995;