Zelda: Breath of the Wild Looks Gorgeous Running At 4K On PC, Comparison With Nintendo Switch

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks stunning running at 4K resolution on PC. It has been compared to Nintendo Switch version.

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instantstupor641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

Oh man, it hurts me a little to see how crisp everything looks in those screenshots. I know it isn't yet in a playable state, but if it can even run 1080p well at some point soon I might pause my Wii U playthrough and let my PC take over (so long as a GTX 970 can do the job).

The art style is great in this game, but a lot of little details are lost with the low resolution, and smaller things at a distance can be hard to make out - not to mention things like grassy fields can sometimes become a swampy jumble of aliased pixels. I'm running my Wii U through my receiver which does an admirable job upscaling sub-FHD material to 1080p, but nothing compares to native resolution.

Guess I'll have to keep tabs, those screenshots look superb.

mikeslemonade641d ago

Your weak 970 isn't the bottleneck here. These emulators are CPU intensive. My 4790k still the 4th best consumer level cpu.

Erik7357641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

You think this would run easily well at 60fps with the 4790k given that you have a strong gpu? Reply under or message me. Would like to know this lol

strangerthings1995641d ago

970 is weak?? I run BF1 at native 1800p(80% of 4k) at high/ultra settings 60 fps....I didn't realize that was a bad thing

Cobra951641d ago

I'm downvoting you on the "weak 970" elitist comment. I agree that the CPU is always the bottleneck in emulation.

TardcoreGamer641d ago

Your insecurity with your 4790k is weak. My delidded, liquid cooled [email protected] waves hello, pleb.

SojournUK641d ago

'My 4790k blah blah....'
Sorry, but that comment makes you sound like a right knob.

Bahamut641d ago Show
Nathan_Hale53641d ago

I mean, you are right Emulators are CPU intensive, but the 970 is far from weak. Still holds up really well.

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MyDietEqualsGames641d ago

Man. those shots at 4k. The game looks beautiful.

Deep-throat641d ago

Your 970 can do the job right as long your CPU is fast enough.

shloobmm3641d ago

Its crisp but its lacking all the bells and whistles and completely void of all that fantastic grass.

641d ago
Erik7357641d ago

Atleast you have a use out of the console with portability.

Thats why even I, with a gaming pc, would still prefer it on Switch.

jmc8888641d ago

I've had nearly 30 years to buy a portable, and the only one I have is my smartphone.

To each his own, but most people would rather have 4k/60 Zelda for $299 then 720-900/30 with dips for $299 and portability.

Nivekki641d ago

'To each his own, but most people would rather have 4k/60 Zelda for $299 then 720-900/30 with dips for $299 and portability.'

Can you play it now at 60fps on pc?

frostypants641d ago

It'll be YEARS before CPUs are powerful enough to emulate this smoothly.

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blanka4545641d ago

Pc all day of course nothing beats it!

Cmv38641d ago

And that's why you have to emulate exclusives. Lol. Okay.

MRMagoo123641d ago

that's why he CAN emulate them.

_-EDMIX-_641d ago

I'm pretty sure he has it for more then just that.

I mean...this would be the likely publisher I would emulate from if you consider they only make a handful of games worth buying. No need to buy a whole system for like 2 games bud.

I might end up doing the same if they can get Animal Crossing up when it comes out for Switch lol

freshslicepizza641d ago

yes, the pc can emulate games, nintendo fans can emulate talking to each other online.

MyDietEqualsGames641d ago

Oh shit. Moldy with the right cross. Sogood.gif

Aloren641d ago

You sound like you think Pc has no exclusive.

Utalkin2me641d ago


It can emulate weak hardware like the Switch and this thing isnt even close to being in a playable state. When it can currently emulate PS4 and Xbox1 exclusives at playable framerates then it might be something. But emulating old hardware and games that dont run very well, doesn't impress me much.

Artemidorus641d ago

Consoles cannot do the same, PC makes them look better too.

Enjoy defending second rate gaming.

Nathan_Hale53641d ago

Idk, I have plenty of PC exclusives, Xbox "exclusives", and plenty of old games that I don't have to pay for numerous times as a "remaster" when I bought them years ago. I can emulate practically any console before 7th gen. I can play with any controller or with a M&K, and 99% of games typically release with more and better options on PC. I can customize my setup and my rig to really personalize things, and I can browse this website, or any other, while I am playing games on my PC. Oh, and I can utilize photoshop, Ableton, or any program with ease. For the most part as well, many games have great communities, just don't play CS:GO and you should be fine.

frostypants640d ago (Edited 640d ago )

@MRMagoo123, yes, can emulate. Just can't emulate well. Emulators are always several years behind the hardware they target in terms of being able to do so smoothly. The necessary CPU overhead is insane. Look, emulation is awesome for playing retro games, but it will never be a good way to play the newer console games.

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TheDreamCorridor641d ago

Emulate Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Lol maybe in 13 years.

starchild641d ago

PS2 was a complicated architecture and we've had a PS2 emulator for many years. I think current consoles with their more PC-like architecture will likely be emulated in a shorter amount of time.

sorane641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

What would be the point when we can already play the much much better Witcher 3 and new Zelda? Both in true 4k. None of that fake 4k stuff you have to play games in.

Lamboomington641d ago


Emulation is an intensive process. You wouldn't expect people to emulate games like that.

Utalkin2me641d ago


The new Zelda is not in a playable state emulated. How about your the read the article.

Erik7357641d ago

If they do emulate it it makes the ps4 version useless. At Least with Switch version compared to pc, their is still usefulness in the portability of it.

sorane641d ago (Edited 641d ago )


Actually it is so how about you learn what you're talking about before opening your mouth. Already speed hacks out that make it playable. That's just one of the many amazing things you can do with PCs. You can inject things into Cemu through the likes of cheat engine and such.

There it is running at 25-30 fps. The same framerate as 99.999999% of ps4/pro games.

TheOptimist641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

Personally I think, it is more about the games that are in more about supply demand. There are many excellent PS2 titles. I mean there are so many good games that emulating a PS2 was in demand. Not so much with the PS3 and PS4 and hence there were less efforts made towards emulating them. Sure there are 1-2 like Bloodborne and Nioh, but not much. It would be better to just rent a PS4 than to go through hoops to play a small library.

But feel free to tell me something I don't know.

Nivekki641d ago


Your idea of running smoothly and mine are quite different.

sorane641d ago


How do you know what my idea of running smoothly is? All I said is it runs as good as almost every ps4/pro game. I never once said I thought it was running smoothly. Please don't try to put words into my mouth when I never said such things.

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shloobmm3641d ago

Its crisp but its lacking all the bells and whistles and completely void of all that fantastic grass!!!

Shuckylad641d ago

As long as you own the original game on Wii u of course....

LastCenturyRob641d ago

Meh, I'd still rather have a PS4 pro, X1S and Switch all for the same price as one decent gaming rig.

Cobra951641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

You can get a PS4 Pro and an X1S for the price of a PC that will trounce the Pro. The Switch will run up a bigger bill.

Nathan_Hale53641d ago

No, not even close. I can build a "decent" rig that would crush the Pro for roughly $600. Plus you don't have to pay for online, and you will still have all the Xbox One exclusives and many old games that you don't have to pay for again as a full priced remaster, fantastic sales on Steam and sometimes Origin, and you can use whatever controller your heart desires, whether that be a mouse and keyboard or console controller, idc. It is simply better. Only reason to even get a console is for exclusives.

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maybelovehate641d ago

Man, if only the Developers could have made this game for PC. Don't get me wrong, it is still a great game on Switch but the Switch hardware is really holding it back.

FlameWater641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

Well considering its running on WiiU emulator, technically on PC :P

maybelovehate641d ago

Yeah, but Emulator's are so inefficient. Would have been better if Nintendo would let their developers free.

TheGamez100641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

Lol never, its nintendo. But pretty much all nintendo consoles have been emulated, one for the switch will probably be in a few years or so, maybe earlier since the hardware isnt complicated. Course if the switch fails then they could possibly go 3rd party...who knows

BG11579641d ago

Either that or get pirated. Because that will happen a lot sooner than many think.

Smokingunz641d ago

Why would nintendo put their master piece on nintendo? That's just stupid.quit hating and just buy a nintendo console to play the game just like anyone would with any console. Don't get upset because nintendo has the best game this gen and u guys want it lol.

As for the switch hardware, it isn't holding back zelda. It's a direct port that was placed on the switch nothing else. The switch is more powerful than the wii u and if was built from the ground up would've looked a hell of a lot better. If they make another zelda on the switch I bet u it will look miles better than BOTW.

maybelovehate641d ago

I don't know, it struggles to keep 30 fps. Most games on my pc I usually lock to around 120fps. Switch as far as performance is straight garbage and clearly holding Zelda back. It isn't about the looks, the design is amazing. It is about the performance and the limitations it has on the game.

StrawberryDiesel420641d ago

Yup, just like the Nioh petition lol. It's obvious PC gamers have superior hardware, but man are they desperate for some AAA Exclusives. At the end of the day, it's all about the games, not the specs. These PC peasants have no exclusive games like Nioh, Horion Zero Dawn or Zelda Breath of the Wild so they have to pull these stunts. Yet they claim superiority, oh the irony lol.

TedCruzsTaint641d ago


Check Steam releases, ya butthurt tool. PC has the majority of games.

They just tend to be cheaper, look better, and play smooth.

Have a great day, mate :)

Nathan_Hale53640d ago (Edited 640d ago )

I don't want to buy a $300 console for just one or two games.


No one is desperate. People just want to play the games. If they don't come out for PC, fine, but it won't drive me to buy a whole console for 2-3 games. We get plenty of AAA games in general and have the entire Xbox library now. I have wayyy too many games as it is.

Exclusives are a very effective marketing tool, that you are digging way too much, and, if anything, you should be against it as it closes potential gamers from playing some of the masterpiece games, and it produces ignorance between people simply because they bought a PS4 over a One. But alas, you are giving in to brand loyalty and the marketing is obviously working on you.

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Erik7357641d ago

Kinda ironic but because of the Switch hardware it still makes Zelda have some use on it, its portable.

IF someone figured out a way to emulate the ps4 it would make it useless. At Least with Switch you still get the portability out of it and that is why even I would want to get Zelda on Switch and not on my gaming pc.

maybelovehate641d ago

You can play PC mobile. Get the NVIDIA Shield which uses the same processor as Switch but allows you to stream full PC games.

jmc8888641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

Get portability out of it?

Most people couldn't care less about portability.

In fact, it's a massive drawback because in reality it raises costs and reduces performance.

How much? Well look at the difference between 4k Zelda and Switch....

Because a proper $299 Nintendo console with no gimmicks could easily hit 4k/60.

That difference in power? That's what portability dictated. Most people would rather have the power and performance over portability.

nowitzki2004641d ago

Yeah, but if they made it for PS4 or Xbox One as well it would look much better than Switch.

frostypants640d ago

You're pissing in the wind, man. That argument has been going on for decades.

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Travis3708641d ago

It they can get it to 25-30fps it'll be playable enough for me.

higgins78641d ago

That's a huge if. My guess is, probably not. Also, emulating this game via PC in any playable state = £1000 (roughly).

ABizzel1641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

Emulation requirements pertain mainly to the CPU, and any desktop CPU from the i5 3000 series forward is more than enough to power through the vast majority of emulation, so no you can easily emulate with a $500 - $700 PC (and I only list it that high so you can get a good GPU thrown in there as well). It's not a huge if at all, just a matter of when.

The Wii U's architecture is similar to that of the GameCube and the Wii and I wouldn't be surprised if Dolphin gets it up and running as well. I wouldn't be surprised if the Switch is emulated just as fast as the Wii U considering it's just a Tegra processor.

Utalkin2me641d ago


You obviously have no clue about PC specs nor how emulation works.

Cobra951641d ago

@ABizzel1: As of right now, the Dolphin devs have no intention of supporting the WiiU. You're right that emulation is CPU-bound, but you still need a decent GPU to handle all the compiled shaders that transfer the bulk of the rendering work to the graphics card. A mid-$100's PC isn't going to cut it for playable WiiU emulation. (You may be able to get a good-enough CPU and GPU for that much, but then you still need the rest of the computer.)

ABizzel1641d ago


Considering I have Dolphin and a bunch of other emulators up on running flawlessly on a 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 3210m MacBook with Intel HD Graphics 4000, on my i7 4970k and GTX 1060, and plenty of emulators running flawlessly on my Samsung S7 Active. I think you're the one who has no clue about PC specs or how emulation works.

Emulation is generally CPU bound, which is why I gave a blanket statement regarding CPU performance to run as many emulators as possible.


Please enlighten me on when PC gaming became so expensive overnight that you can't get a very capable PC for $500 - $700, as I said in my last comment?

Now if you're talking about running it at 4K then yes a more powerful GPU will be needed, but my entire point was towards higgins78, and showing emulation can be easily done on a $500 gaming PC.

Nathan_Hale53640d ago

No. It really doesn't. It is about the optimization of the program, and my 4 year old processor i5 3570k with a GTX 660 has been able to play any emulated games that has been optimized. I recently upgraded to fit in a new GTX 1070, but that didn't really improve performance for emulation.

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maybelovehate641d ago

I mean the Switch can't even get that a lot of the time sadly.

higgins78641d ago

The Switch is £280. A PC which may or may not get this running at the same performance may cost upwards of £700. See now?

maybelovehate641d ago

@Higgins: people are saying that is barely playable, understand?