Why Majoras Mask Is Still the Best Zelda Game Ever Made

There are a lot of games in The Legend of Zelda series, but one of the most curious is Majora's Mask. Here's what makes them game so brilliant.

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skydragoonityx521d ago

I disagree. That crown goes to ocarina of time

Nu520d ago

OoT was my most magical experience as a kid. BoTW is my new favorite however, it's as if I've lost all recollection or something lol

cpayne93520d ago

Majoras mask has aged much better though.

CrimsonWing69520d ago

That's your opinion mine goes to Ocarina of Time.

Cy520d ago

Never liked Majora's Mask.

Kavorklestein520d ago

Aside from the cools masks and a few boss fights, it did not really feel like it was true Zelda, deep down I felt like I was playing a time trial that was rather repetitive

_-EDMIX-_520d ago

I didn't really care for this game when it first released but over the years when I was much older and replayed it I actually appreciated it a little more I believe this game similar to Resident Evil 3 are those type of games when you're a kid you overly criticize but only as an adult to do you realize that they're actually not as bad as you might have exaggerated

I personally don't think this is the best is all the game My Favorite Zelda game might possibly be Twilight Princess or Ocarina of Time it's definitely a very close battle between those two lol

In regards to the top down Zelda's my favorite is going to be Link to the Past remake on Gameboy Advanced right next to link between worlds

_-EDMIX-_520d ago

This is one of those Zelda games that has a deep cult following that swears by it , to some degree I could understand why some people like it better than Ocarina of Time.

NewZealander520d ago

This is the one zelda game I didn't like and literally couldn't be bothered finishing, ocarina of time is hands down the best zelda game, breath of the wild is ok but just too slow, it's just missing something.

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The story is too old to be commented.