Guinness Record Holder Stallion83 Surpasses 1.5 Million Gamerscore

GameRevolution: "Last night Stallion83 has officially reached 1.5 million Gamerscore, and in the process expanded his lead over rival hunters. The milestone was shared via a Twitter post that read, "King Kong ain't got s%&# on me""

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GorillaTact464d ago

I bet he would make bank selling his account.

Burrito26a462d ago

The article mentions he should reach 2 million by 2020. Just in time for FF7 Remake. Makes no sense. He's not going for trophies.

newsposter462d ago

Why not? FF7 Remake is coming to Xbox One it's not a PS4 exclusive.

MRMagoo123462d ago

if only gamerscore meant something

freshslicepizza463d ago

10,000 online kills in gears of war? you often wonder if these people have jobs and/or families.

modelgod462d ago

He gets paid to play. I'm pretty up there in gamerscore as well, but I slowed down because trying to get certain achievements in games that suck, can get stressful. He's not that great at competitive gaming, 10,000 online kills in Gears ain't shit; I did it legit!!! But then again, I'm a Gears of War God!!

BlackTar187462d ago

Rofl tell us how you really feel

bloop462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

I think I had just over 95,000 online kills in Gears 3 if memory serves me correctly. 10,000 really isn't that much. Having said that though, Gears 3 is my favorite mp game of all time so I've probably put more time into that game than any other and played it regularly over the course of quite a few years.

Edit: I have to add I mainly played King of the Hill and averaged about 40/50 kills per game. Some games up to 80 kills so you rack them up pretty fast.

rainslacker462d ago

You don't really need to spend copious time in a single game just to get a single achievement for that score though. GS doesn't really differentiate where those scores are tallied from, so theoretically, someone could go through all the easy achievements and just rack up scores quickly.

Not that that's what he's doing, just that it's possible. Would still take quite a bit of time to achieve this many points though. Suppose I'd be willing if I got paid to do it. But otherwise, if it's not fun, or I don't enjoy the game, screw it, I can live without it.

joab777462d ago

I have a friend who was like top 5 for trophies and it's no way to live. Breaking it down, I inured he'd have to platinumed a game every 3 days or so...which is insane considering some of the more difficult ones he has. All I can figure is that there is a lot of help! It's done more as an account I believe.

It's the same for this guy. For 12 yrs straight, without missing a beat, he has earned 1000 game points every 3 days. Just think about that! While some achievements may take 100 hrs to get, it is a bit odd that he did it entirely alone.

And he must be paid somehow because no one could do this and work.

xActionBasturdx462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

you obviously don't know the magnitude of getting the Seriously achievement on Gears one ever got it at 10,000 cause of a bug...I didn't get mine until I was close to 13,000 kills. And the more agonizing thing about it was that there were no respawns and average matches was first to 5. So Yeah it was kind of a big deal when you got it

463d ago
SovereignSnaKe462d ago

Damn.. and here I am sitting with my meager 67,000 Gamerscore.. o_o

Artemidorus462d ago

Had my account for 14 years and mine is under 25,000.

PlayableGamez-462d ago

I only have roughly under 40k but I also play on other platforms..

Themba76462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

Wow I have 74,000 gamerscore and I never owned an Xbox one

JohnM2000462d ago

This guys play in team for gamerscore... It is not just one

ShaunCameron462d ago

I'm 6.5 years in and so far I got 30 445 GS.

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MetroidFREAK21462d ago

Too much time on someone's hands... Take a break sometime

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