MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA – Official Launch Trailer

The official launch trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda has finally arrived.

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564d ago
starchild563d ago

Yeah, it does. I can't wait to explore it.

Saithraphim564d ago

Good god, just when i thought my hype could not possibly reach a higher level

564d ago
--bienio--564d ago

The game looks....Dragon Age in Space.

Unoriginalplayer563d ago

Weird...I did not see any characters from Dragon Age in that trailer. I must have been watching the Mass Effect trailer.

MyDietEqualsGames564d ago

I didn't care for the music. That is one thing I am concerned about. Will it have a good score like the first 2 and even to some extent 3? Other than that, it's preordered.

OB1Biker564d ago

Yea I didn't really connect with the score either but I m assuming it s just for the 'I'm only human' thing.
Awesome trailer.

Gatsu563d ago

Well trailer musics are often different.

Fishy Fingers563d ago (Edited 563d ago )

Rag and bone man. Emerging English artist. Didn't really feel it in the trailer either, but that might be because they play it on the radio every ten minutes here.

It won't be representative of what's in the game. Hopefully...

MyDietEqualsGames563d ago

I mean, I get why they used it, but it didn't feel like Mass Effect with it in there, other than that, it certainly looks the part and PeeBee looked like an Asari. Trailer was great. I wish I could be playing early like those access people, but I will settle for 2 days early. ;-)

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The story is too old to be commented.