Evolve is Free on Xbox Live Gold this Month, but the IP Needs More than Being Free

Red Bull Games Australia has taken a sharp look at the world of Evolve, which failed to live up to its potential due to a high-cost barrier of entry and poorly-planned DLC drops. But there's life in the concept yet, and so they write:

"But, we’re not here to grind 2K’s gears (even if we just did, a little), we’re here to plead both the studio and the publisher to look at another facet of the game that was sorely missing -- a narrative component. And the reason we want one, despite the game itself being a great asymmetrical-focused multiplayer and coop experience, is because the world of Evolve was so compelling it simply deserves exploration from a campaign perspective, and the team at Turtle Rock could break some shackles and get folks involved in their incredible game-world once more."

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DevilishSix648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

They should have researched before they wrote this article and pleaded with the studio. A final event was held October 27, 2016 where Turtle Rock said goodbye to the community and dropped support for the game. The game is dead it's over and thus this article is meaningless and a waste of time. In fact i feel dirty wasting my time writing this.

MetroidFREAK21648d ago

Saved me a download when it releases on GWG. Thanks ✌

648d ago
CrimsonWing69648d ago

I remember when everyone at E3 was saying this was game of the show. I looked at it and couldn't see what they saw... apparently neither did most consumers.