Fifa 18 will probably not see the day on PS3 and Xbox 360

Planned to release this year on PS4 , Xbox One , PC and Nintendo Switch , FIFA 18 may not be released on consoles of the previous generation.

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RosweeSon470d ago

On 10 year old systems what a shocker how will EA survive with such a loss of earnings, they will have to make a new game and won't be able to release a cheap legacy edition for older inferior hardware that should have been retired by now... especially for latest yearly churn games, sure play the classics but if your all about your FIFA's COD's etc, surely gone next gen by now?

470d ago
yezz470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

I would actually be surprised by this. EA released Fifa 14 on PS2! because people in Brazil etc. still played a lot. I would also assume that people still buy tons of Ultimate team packs on older systems.

PSG4MER470d ago

True, I would imagine that they will release on PS3 and 360, but it will be very much watered-down.

470d ago
NonShinyGoose470d ago

I don't see much truth in this, especially with confirmation that Switch FIFA is based on last-gen. Lots of young gamers still have PS3/360 and so there's a market there for FIFA.