The Nintendo Switch library gets a lot bigger today

"Nintendo will continue to expand the console’s selection of titles with weekly eShop updates, with today bringing the first batch of downloadable games."

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Derceto642d ago

What an awesome library to headline your new system! Wait..... it's not 1992 anymore. Wtf?

opinionated642d ago

She has blue hair though so it's cool.

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zaherdab642d ago Show
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bangoskank642d ago

Possibly transgender and playing retro games: even cooler.

Aquietguy641d ago

No blue on one side and red on the other?

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darthv72642d ago

what do you mean? you don't like the retro style of 2d games......? There sure are allot of them on the PS4 and xb1 so they must still be popular.

indysurfn642d ago

Good comment, I hate irrational double standards that people put up just to slam a console they don't own.

Scatpants641d ago

I more don't like games that should be 99 cents being 8 dollars. Nintendo's e-shop has always had the worst prices of all the consoles.

zaherdab642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

Well at least it runs int 60 fps and it's all 4k !

Defiantmac642d ago

Look at the PS4 launch lineup. I didnt use my damn ps4 for much other than resogun for almost a year.

This fanboy nonsense is ridiculous on here lately. It is AMAZING how much people forget about system launches and how little comes with it on release.

Switch comes with one of the best reviewed games of all time, but lets not acknowledge that because of some sort of bizarre obsession with another console.

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darthv72642d ago

I prefer Blaster Master Overdrive on wiiware to this Zero version. Then again, I can't play Overdrive on the 3ds.

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CDbiggen642d ago

I'm a switch owner, but even I find this article pathetic.

DrumBeat642d ago

Every time I look at the Switch, I'm confused.

Gemmol642d ago

I turn it on and enjoy the heck out of over 30 hours now bro

Platformgamer642d ago

I'm confused too, how can nintendo still exist, hardware-wise?

Sirk7x642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

Because other than the Wii U, people have been buying the hell out of their hardware for the last ten years? I believe the 3ds has sold over 60 million. The DS and Wii, over 100 million if I remember correctly. The Switch, so far, is off to a great start, with seemingly lots of consumer interest.

_-EDMIX-_642d ago

Not for long

@sir- they sold 100 million less Portables...

They sold well over 80 million less consoles....

I don't know if you realize it but those numbers mean they're installed base of fans is shrinking extremely significantly .

If this actually continues there no longer actually going to have a market to sell this Hardware to and they're likely going to have to go third party software only.

Consider they are already putting games on IOS and Android.

You have to consider your own numbers are showing a pattern of people moving away from their platforms, by enormous Millions.

This needs to turn things around for this company in terms of bringing in new consumers that actually become established , for you might be looking at the last system they release.

Do you really think about this company could keep wasting billions on Hardware people are not buying?

MaximusTKG642d ago

Because people are allowed to like other things besides what the majority wants them to like. I enjoy my switch for what it is, and I will also enjoy my pro for what it is. I guess its weird to be able to enjoy multiple things, you should try it.

indysurfn642d ago

@platformgamer.....if any of this stuff they say about Nintendo or SWITCH was true they wouldn't!!! You just asked a good question.

I have a friend that was talking smack about Wiiu (we both have PS4 and xb1) I have the pro and a forza version of xb1. He said they should have a real console controller. I actually SHOWED him the wiiu pro controller. Fast forward 2 months later and he STILL thinks Wiiu had no real controller he forgot that fast. I blame it on people like the ones on this board repeated what they read.

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