Incredible New Mass Effect Andromeda Screenshots Revealed

ThisGenGaming says "The wait for Mass Effect Andromeda is tough, but these amazing new screenshots will keep you going for a little longer."

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KionicWarlord222645d ago

These shots dont look incredible.

Lots of low res textures. Rough.

naruga644d ago (Edited 644d ago )

are they trying to steal a bit of Horizon Zero s glance with these Robotic monsters?.....(imo yes and they fail terribly in concept)

Unoriginalplayer644d ago

Yup, because they put in the robots after Horizon showed them off. They were waiting to see everything Horizon had so they could rip it off and put it in their game. Makes perfect sense, right? -_-

naruga644d ago (Edited 644d ago )

obviously i dont mean they added robotic dinosaur-like-enemies at the last moment after they saw Horizon s appeal (if you understood that from my saying your probably a retard) ...but even when HZ was announced or even from internal information (companies know what other team/developers are preparing) and probably considering the uninspired teams of EA , they thought it was good idea to implement/borrow concept of robotic animalesque enemies for the new game

Unoriginalplayer644d ago

Oops I forgot in order to have any type of discussion here we need to throw insults somewhere in there. To think they are trying to steal Horizon's thunder is completely idiotic just because they show a few screens and videos of giant robots. Oh man, they must have only shown that robot because of Horizon not because it could just be an epic fight you encounter on one of the worlds.