How Long Should Early Access Really Last?

ScreenCritics Wolf talks about his experience with Early Access on Steam - and why he thinks it's being openly abused by rouge developers.

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Dowls319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

I wouldn't know the exact amount but Dirt Rally and Arma 3 were in early access for a nice amount of time. Not like it really matters though, unless it's being abused (Steam should look into reports).

Cy319d ago

Less than a year, IMO. Ideally, that would be the target for every single game announcement, early access or no; don't announce games unless you're pretty damn sure the full version will be out in a year.

yomfweeee319d ago

Sorry, but I completely disagree, at least in regards to consoles. People buy systems knowing they will have it for many years. I'd like to know what is coming in the long term future before I invest in a system, not just in the next year.

Cy319d ago

But you don't know. Any of those games can get canceled or delayed or be in development hell for an entire console generation. There's no limit to how far out a game will come out after release, and until there is no one can ever know when or if anything that's announced will come out.

TXIDarkAvenger319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Definitely not as long as DayZ. I think the worst part is they still want $40 with slow updates.

Timesplitter14319d ago

I'd say 1 year should be the goal