Why I Won’t Buy For Honor

Jeric from Enthuse writes: I love For Honor. I originally wasn’t too interested because I generally dislike a lot of Ubisoft’s practices but after playing it hands-on, I had a change of heart. After a few hours of playing my friend’s copy, I can honestly say I think it’s one of the most original and intuitive action games in recent history.

Once I had my fill of swinging axes into samurai skulls and kneeing knights in the face, I decided this was going to be my next big game. This all changed when I learned about the game’s microtransactions and Champion Status feature.

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annoyedgamer409d ago

Amazing what consumers will put up with when you ease them into it. Microtransacitons are literally a staple of AAA games now.

Major_Glitch409d ago

Connectivity issues. Lots and lots of connectivity issues. Games looks good though.

GorillaTact409d ago

Definately a problem. I dont know about everyone else, but its at an unacceptable level imo. Another thing is the loot. Gear becomes pointless after you get what you want for your build. I could have 1000 scavenger crates and they would be worthless to me. Im glad I dont have to farm continuesly for the stats or skins I want, there just isnt enough in the loot pool. If they spiced the chests up with cosmetics like effects, executions, emotes, etc, it would be worthwhile. As it is now, its either cough up real money or play the game so much you start to hate it if you want those things.

Unoriginalplayer408d ago

This is completely true. The game is a lot of fun when all of the pieces work correctly. Once you get the gear you want and level them up it kind of becomes pointless unless you want different gear builds for different modes. The connection issues are still prevalent which for an online game there is really no excuse. I'm a rep 6 now and had a blast getting there (with a fair share of frustrating moments), however, the game needs some serious balancing and a better profession system. Great ideas just needs to be a little more in depth.

dsammy04409d ago

Was definitely interested in this game but my gaming crew decided to pass on it. Maybe when its on sale I'll grab it to play on my own. But cant justify it when a lot of my friends wont even be playing it for the MP.

Gamist2dot0409d ago

Made my decision after I saw Angry Joe's review.

Calcicosis408d ago (Edited 408d ago )

It’s pretty easy getting 2k steel for the 3 day boost, you easily get more than double that if you play a few hours a night. On top of the orders every day, it’s not too complicated. I have no problem getting 1k steel from an hour or 2 at night just from playing after work. I have never spent real money for steel, nor do I feel the need to do it. Often times I’m spending steel on scavenging just because I have so much laying around.

This article is disappointing and very misleading. You make it seem like earning steel through playing the game is long and tedious. You also can’t choose what gear you are buying if you spent that 5$ dollars. You have to get to a rep level to even unlock heroic gear. You can’t buy that.

Even so, this is a very skill based game. You may buy a ton of steel to hope the RNG gods give you that epic or heroic piece AFTER reaching at least rep 3, but that doesn’t make you better at playing the game. I’ve easily bested maxed geared players on my rep 1 character, by just out playing them.